Curriculum Vitae

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Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences     University of Alberta     Edmonton, Canada      T6G 2G1 
Email:             Fax: (780) 492-6826

Current Position

Professor, University of Alberta, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows


Other Positions, Service, Awards, Grants

Industry Grant,  Scotiabank (2023-2025)

Industry Grant,  Canadian Western Bank (2018-2019)

CRC Service,  Served on College of Reviewers for the Canadian Research Chair programme.

Honor Roll of Teachers, Faculty of Science (Students Choice Category 2013-2014)

Recipient, NSERC Discovery Grant (1997-present)

President of Probability Section, Statistics Society of Canada (Jun. 2013 - May 2014)

Grant Reviewer: Evaluated many NSERC, National Science Foundation, MITACS, PIMS, Hong Kong (RGC) and American Mathematical Society research grant proposals (1999-present).

Chief Trader Perfect Timing Investment Club (2011-2014).

Co-recipient of RGC Hong Kong collaborative research grant (2010-2012) (valued at approximately $100,000 over three years)

President, Random Knowledge Inc. and Fast Track Technologies Inc. (October 2002 - December 2009)

Co-founder , and, online Learning Centres, provides open content.

Project Leader , Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS) (Jan. 1999- May 2005)

Honorary Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Mathematics (Jan. - May 2003).

Visiting Professor, H.E.C. Montreal, Department of Mathematics (Nov. - Dec. 2002).

Visiting Professor, Carlton University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Aug. - Oct. 2002).

Organizer, Filtering 2002, a successful international PIMS and MITACS sponsored conference (with R.J. Elliott, T.G. Kurtz, and H. Long) in filtering (July 2002).

Session Organizer, 2002 IMS Probability Symposium in Banff.

Recipient, 2001 PIMS Industrial Outreach Prize. (National Award, Sponsored by TD Bank).

Visiting Professor - Premier Class, Universite Paul Sabatier (France), Laboratoire de Statistique et Probabilities (February 2000).

Associate Professor, University of Alberta (1997-2001)

Reviewer, wrote twenty-one AMS mathematics review articles (1996-2000)

Organizer, (with T.G. Kurtz) filtering workshop at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (July 1999)

Recipient, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowship (1995 and 1996).

IMA Industrial Fellow, University of Minnesota and Lockheed Martin (Sept. 1995 - July 1997)

Research Associate for Professor Donald Dawson, Carleton University, Mathematics and Statistics (Jan. 1994 - August 1995)

Recipient, DAAD Study Visit Award (for Professors visiting Germany) (1993)

Visiting Scientist, Advisor: Professor Ernst Eberlein, Universitat Freiburg, Institut fur Mathematische Stochastik (Jan. - Dec. 1993)

Recipient, NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (1993-1994)

Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Electrical Eng. (Jan. 1991 - Dec. 1992)

Educational Experience

Refereed Publications

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