Math 117: Honours Calculus I

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  • The Most Common Errors in Undergraduate Mathematics
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  • Math 117 prepares you for Math 118: Honours Calculus II
  • Find out more about the Honours Math Program at the University of Alberta

  • Induction Principle
    An article from Pi in the Sky on induction, by D. Hrimiuc
  • Box Principle
    An article from Pi in the Sky on the Pigeon-Hole Principle, by D. Hrimiuc
  • The Rose and the Nautilus and From Rabbits to Roses: A Geometric Mystery Story
    Two articles on the Golden Mean from Pi in the Sky, by K. Hoechsmann
  • Hotel Infinity
  • How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!
    An article from Pi in the Sky on countability, by L. Marcoux
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