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Infection and mortality of wild salmon by parasitic sea lice from fish farms

Photo credits: Alexandra Morton.
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Marine salmon farming has been associated with parasitic sea lice infestations and concurrent declines of wild salmon populations in Europe and Canada.

To effectively protect wild salmon populations, we need a detailed understanding of how fish farms change the dynamics of natural lice-salmon systems.

There are two components to understanding this relationship:

(1) Quantifying lice transmission from farm salmon to out-migrating wild juvenile salmon;


(2) Quantifying mortality rates of juvenile salmon infected by sea lice.

We are developing mathematical and statistical models to address these questions, and conducting complementary field research in the Broughton Archipelago, BC.

Combining these models and data yields new insights into how the farm salmon - wild salmon - sea lice system works, and how to move towards ecologically sustainable solutions.

This work is being conducted by mathematical biologists Martin Krkosek and Mark Lewis at the Centre for Mathematical Biology, in collaboration with biologist John Volpe at the University of Victoria, biologist Alexandra Morton of the Raincoast Research Society, and physicist Neil Frazer at the University of Hawai’i.

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