Graduate: The KFPL only admits graduate students who have already been accepted to the Graduate programs in the Departments of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta. Please visit www.mathstats.ualberta.ca and www.mece.engineering.ualberta.ca for more information regarding the department application/admission process. If you are considering applying to the Graduate program at the University of Alberta and feel your interests are aligned with the activities of the lab or you have already been admitted to the University of Alberta, please contact Professor Krechetnikov with any questions that you may have.

Undergraduate: The KFPL is always looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to help with lab research. During your stay, you will experience a fast-paced and hands-on working environment, but you will also be expected to maintain excellent academic standing with regard to your coursework. There are generally opportunities for students interested in both theory and experiments. For students interested primarily in experiments, machine shop experience is a plus. Please contact Professor Krechetnikov for more information.

Postdoctoral: Applicatons are invited for qualified postdoctoral researchers interested in KFPL activities. At present, we are hiring a researcher with a background in differential geometry; some familiarity with fluid mechanics is a plus. Please contact Professor Krechetnikov directly; a current CV and electronic copies of recent publications are always helpful.