Home page for Math 201, EU1 - Differential Equations for Engineers

Instructor: Malcolm Roberts
There is a general math help session in ED 751.

Handouts and notes for class

Tutorial on how to use flow charts
Flow chart for first-order ODEs
Flow chart for second-order homogeneous ODEs
Flow chart for second-order non-homogeneous ODEs
Separation of variables for the 1D heat equation
Table of Laplace transforms
Table of integrals
Flow chart for doing separation of variables on the 1D heat equation with various boundary conditions.
heat1.asy, heat1.gif Files for animating solutions to the heat equation in 1D. Made using Asymptote, and requires FFTW.

Useful and Interesting links

Paul's Online Math Notes
SOS Math
Differential Equation Munchers

Lab notes

The math/stat graduate student organization hired me to write a lab manual for the University of Alberta's second-year course on differential equations for engineers.
This is available as a Google eBook.