AMI Seminar Series

The AMI maintains an active research seminar series, which typically runs on Fridays at 3:00pm in CAB 657. The talks cover a wide variety of research areas related to Applied Mathematics, and are aimed at both faculty members and graduate students.

To suggest speakers or for questions please contact the seminar coordinator at xinweiyu@math.ualberta,ca or
If your talk needs to be scheduled at other than the reserved time (3-4pm Fridays), please contact Dana to reserve a room.

PIMS-AMI Seminar Series 2013 - 14

Local Host
Oct. 25
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof. Gantumur Tsogtgerel
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
The Einstein constraint equations on compact manifolds with boundary
X. Yu
Nov. 1
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof.  Francois Gay-Balmaz
Ecole Normale Superioure, Paris, France
Variational integrators for rotating stratified fluids
V. Putkaradze
Feb. 11
3:30pm - 4:30pm
CAB 657
Prof. Kaitai Li
Department of Mathematics
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Shape Optimization for Navier-Stokes Boundary and Dimensional Splitting Methods
Y. Wong
Mar. 14
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof. Ming Mei
Champlain College St.-Lambert and McGill University, Canada
Asymptotic behavior of solutions to Euler-Poisson Equations for bipolar semiconductor models
X. Yu
Mar. 21
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof. Martin Buhmann
University of Giessen, Germany
Interpolants with Radial Basis Functions and Parameters
F. Dai
Mar. 28
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof. Yi Shen
University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada
Stability of Elastic Net Estimator for Random Matrices
B. Han


New Perspectives
in PDEs Series

Nov. 15
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof. Yannick Sire
Université Aix-Marseille Centre de Mathématique et Informatique
Laboratoire d'Analyse, Topologie, Probabilité (LATP)
Some mathematical questions with anomalous diffusion
M. Fazly
Nov. 22
3pm - 4pm
CAB 657
Prof. Mostafa Fazly
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
Counterparts of the De Giorgi's conjecture

Nov. 26
Prof. Juncheng Wei
Mathematics Department
University of British Columbia
On De Giorgi Conjecture and Beyond
M. Fazly


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