AMI Seminar Series

The AMI maintains an active research seminar series, which typically runs on Fridays at 3:00pm in CAB 657. The talks cover a wide variety of research areas related to Applied Mathematics, and are aimed at both faculty members and graduate students.

To suggest speakers or for questions please contact the seminar coordinator at xinweiyu@math.ualberta,ca or
If your talk needs to be scheduled at other than the reserved time (3-4pm Fridays), please contact Dana to reserve a room.

PIMS-AMI Seminar Series 2015 - 16

Local Host
Jul. 13
MecE 2-3
David Wood
NSERC/ENMAX Professor of Renewable Energy
Schulich School of Engineering
University of Calgary
Wind Turbine Aerodynamics: Some history and some recent advances
V. Putkaradze
Sept. 25
CAB 657
Prof. Vrushali Bokil
Department of Mathematics
Oregon State University
M-adaptation for Dispersion Optimized Edge Discretizations of the Electric Vector Wave Equation
Y. Wong
Oct. 2
CAB 657
Prof. Lihong Zhi
Mathematics Mechanization Research Center
           Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences
           Chinese Academy of Sciences
           Beijing, China
Symbolic-numeric algorithms for computing validated results
B. Han
Oct. 13
12p - 1p
MacEwan University
Prof. Dr. Bernadette Miara
Universite Paris-Est
Stability of the Contact Zone for a Shallowshell
Y. Wong
Oct. 23
CAB 657
Prof. Leo G. Rebholz
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
Natural Vorticity Boundary Conditions on Solid Walls and Applications to Velocity-Vorticity Methods
Y. Wong
Dec. 1
CAB 657
Professor Wen Huang
University of Science and Technology
Stable Sets and Chaos in Positive Entropy Systems

May 20
CAB 657
Professor Rafael Sasportes
Instituto Superior Técnico
Universidade de Lisboa
Rates of Convergence to Scaling Profiles in a Submonolayer Deposition Model and the Preservation of Memory of the Initial Condition

Jul. 7
CCIS 1-140
Investigation of a Broad-Area Quantum Cascade Laser with External Cavity Feedback
Tim C. Newell
Center for High Technology Materials
University of New-Mexico
(PIMS/AMI/Chemistry/Engineering Seminar)
V. Putkaradze
Aug. 5
CAB 657
Adaptive Fourier Decomposition (AFD) of Signals
Professor Tao Qian
University of Macau
Macau, China
F. Dai
Aug. 30
CAB 365
Polynomial convergence rate to nonequilibrium steady-state
Prof. Yao Li
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Massachusetts Amherst
M. Li

PIMS-AMI Distinguished Lecture

Oct. 15
3:30p - 4:30p
CAB 657
Prof. Dr. Bernadette Miara
Universite Paris-Est
Elastodynamics of Strongly Heterogeneous Periodic Plates using Reissner-Mindlin and Kirchhoff-Love Models
Y. Wong
Feb. 12
CAB 657
Prof. Raphael Krikorian
Universite de Cergy-Pontoise, Paris
On almost reducibility in quasi-periodic dynamics

Mar. 10
CAB 273
Prof. G. M. Homsy
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Washington
Greatest Hits of the 60s and 70s: Progress in Fluid Mechanics in the Last 5 Decades
R. Krechetnikov

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