Math 201 EV1: Differential Equations (Winter 2011)

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Xinwei Yu / 527 CAB / (780)4925731
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Location / Time / Office Hours
ETLE1 007/ MWF 2pm - 2:50pm / MWF 12:30pm-1:30pm or by appointment

Course Information
Important dates.
  • Midterm: Saturday Mar. 5, 2011 1pm
  • Final: Friday Apr. 15, 2011 9am
  • Deferred exam: Saturday May 7, 2011 (Requires approval from your Faculty Office). 
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Course Material

Important: Drafts of lecture notes will be posted before the lectures. However please refrain from printing them as major revision may occur as they get lectured. The revised versions will be posted after the lectures.
Lecture Notes*
How to do well; Introduction
Differentiation & Symbols
 How to do well (Draft); Introduction (Draft)
Solving 1st order ODEs
Integration & "d"
Solving 1st order ODEs (Draft)
Solving 2nd and higher order linear ODEs
Complex Numbers & Algebraic Equations
Solving 2nd order ODEs (Draft)
Series solutions
Manipulating Infinite Sums
Series Solutions  (Draft)
Laplace transform method
Partial Fractions & Integration by Parts**
Method of Laplace Transform (Draft)
Partial Differential Equations

Partial Differential Equations (Updated Apr.4, 2011)

*: Instead of printing the notes out, you are encouraged to use mobile devices to read them.
**: Please check out the following MIT Open Courseware videos:
An FAQ for Math 201 based on questions asked (html); pdf version.

HW1 (Sol); HW2 (w. Sol); HW3(Sol); HW4(w.Sol); Prob.21 of HW4; HW5(w.Sol); HW6(w.sol); HW7(w.sol); HW8(w sol) (Correction to Prob.14) (Sol w. alternative method); HW9 (Sol); HW10(w.Sol); HW11(w.Sol)
Midterm Related:
Midterm Info            Midterm Review Info (Sol to 1st Exam; Sol to 2nd Exam)

Useful Stuff

  • Encyclopedic Differential Equation Website: Equation World.
  • Khan Academy: Differential equations;
  • MIT Open Courses: Differential equations;
  • Other online videos that you may find helpful:
  • Other online resources:
  • Wolfram Alpha: Play with it and get comfortable facing differential equations!

    Need help to start? Type 
    • what is cosh(x) (then "enter" of course), or
    • differentiate cosh(x), or
    • solve y'' + y = 0, or
    • ...