Home Free, The final stage

The dark is breaking up.
The disease is leaving the body
and dissolving
by the bright healing

 (from the Kimmel Cancer Center Webpage)



Mathematical Biology

Journal Club

University of Alberta

Prof. A. Dawes

Prof. G. de Vries

Prof. T. Hillen 

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Centre for Mathematical Biology


Winter 2009, Fall 2009: http://www.math.ualberta.ca/~atdawes/mathbio_jc.html


Fall 2008, Tuesdays 3:30PM in CAB 549 

Date Name Topic Trivia Master
Sept 9 All Organizational meeting   
Sept 16 Students Poster presentation   
Sept 23 no meeting Department council  
Sept 30 Adriana Dawes Dynamics of microtubules  Vishaal
Oct 7 Jiafen Gong Tumor Stem Cells I Diana
Oct 14 Jonathan Martin Tumor Stem Cells II Jane
Oct 21 Diana White Tumor Stem Cells III Jiafen
Oct 28 Petro Babak Stability of fire fronts Rita
Nov 04 Vishaal Rajani Random Walk Models Jonathan
Nov 11 holiday    
Nov 13, 2PM Jon Martin Candidacy - practice talk Jon
Nov 18 no meeting    
Nov 20, 2 PM Jiafen Gong Candidacy - practice talk Thomas
Nov 25 no meeting    
Dec 02 Jon Jacobsen   Adriana
Dec 09  Thomas Hillen    Mona





Winter 2007, Wednesdays at 3PM in CAB 549 

Date Name Topic
Jan 10 Zhian Wang  Estimates for Integral Operators 
Jan 17 Thomas Hillen  Models for mesenchymal motion
Jan 24  Thomas Hillen The critical domain-size problem
Jan 31 Thomas Hillen Traveling Waves
Feb 7 Zhian Wang  Cell Cycle
Feb 14 Jiafen Gong  Usher-paper on optimal radiation treatment
Feb 28 Mark Chaplain Radiation Treatment
March 07 Francesca O'Rourke Radiation Treatment
March 14 Jiafen Gong Usher-paper part II
Tuesday: March 20 Thomas Hillen, TRIGGER talk at Radiation Oncology 4:30-5:30, CCI 0421 Tumor Control Probability
March 21 Zhian Wang Pattern Formation in Chemotaxis
March 26 no meeting  
April 4: 4 PM Dana Cobzas variational brain tumor segmentation


Winter 2006 and Fall 2006

Fall 2005

Date Name Topic
Aug 10, 05 1:30PM  Bettina Greese An integro differential model
Aug 17, 05, 1:30PM Ozden Yurtseven LPL and RMR models
Aug 24, 05, 1:30PM Ozden Yurtseven LPL and RMR
Aug 29, 05, 1:30PM Kevin Painter  Cell-cell signalling
  We decide on a  new regular meeting time in September.   Fridays: 2:15 -3:15 in CAB 549
 Sep 23, 2:15
 organizational meeting  Hillen: Cancer research in Europe
 Sep 30, 2:15  Andria Dawson An Active-Quiescent Model for the Radiation Treatment of Cancer and Analysis of Prostate Cancer Data 
 Oct 07, 2:15  Ozden Yurtseven  Radiation Modeling
 Oct 14, 2:15  Andrew Beltaos  
 Oct 28, 2:15
 Zhian Wang
 Pattern formation and chemotaxis
 Nov 04, 2:15
 Bettina Greese
 Nov 18, 2:15
 Marco Carlone
 Dec 02, 2:15
 Herb Freedman



Old Schedules (2004 - 2005)




Date Name Topic
Jun 23 04, 2PM Greg Belotstotski Cancer models with competition
Jul 07 04, 2PM Andrew Beltaos Macrophages interaction with tumor irradiation
Jul 14 04, 2PM Andria Dawson Modeling of Prostate Cancer
Aug 04 04, 2PM Robert Barrington-Leigh Modeling of Ovarian Cancer
Aug 17 04, 2PM Thomas Hillen Introduction to Control Theory
Sep 01 04, 2PM Thomas Hillen Linear Control Theory
Sep 15 04, 3PM  Bettina Greese  A Control Problem in Cancer Chemotherapy
Sep 29 04, 3PM  Thomas Hillen  Controllability Matrix and Applications
Oct 13 04, 3PM Joanna Renclawowicz  The Gompertzian Model
Oct 20 04, 3PM Joanna Renclawowicz  Growth Models for Avascular Tumours
Oct 27 04, 3PM Alex Potapov The Pontryagin Maximum Principle
Nov 17 04, 3PM Andria Dawson  Tumour Control Probability
Nov 24 04, 3PM Andria Dawson
 Tumour control probability for external radiation treatments
Dec 01 04, 3PM Herb Freedman  Models of  diffusion of oxygen to spheroids grown in a statioary medium.




Winter 2005

Date Name Topic
Jan 28  Gerda de Vries  The Linear-Quadratic Model of Cell Survival after Radiotherapy
Feb 11 Gerda de Vries  Different routes to the linear-quadratic model: dynamical approaches
Feb 18  Thomas Hillen Derivation of a cell cycle model for radiation treatment I
March 04 Andria Dawson  Derivation of a cell cycle model for radiation treatment II
March 18
Andria Dawson, Thomas Hillen
 Derivation of a cell cycle model for radiation treatment III
April 01
Wenxiang Liu
Leukemia modeling


Spring/Summer 2005 (in CAB 549):

Date Name Topic
April 27, 11am
Thomas Hillen
I always wanted to know ... Meeting Notes (in mht-format)
May 04, 11 am
Marco Carlone Why the linear-quadratic model ?
May 11, 1:30 pm
Michael Mackey
Talk at the Summer workshop
May 18, 1:30 pm
Ozden Yurtseven The Maximum Likelihood Method I
May 25, 1:30 pm
Ozden Yurtseven The Maximum Likelihood Method II
June 01, 1:30 pm
 Bettina Greese
 The Aikaide Information Criterion
June 08, 1:30 pm
Andrew Beltaos
Introduction to bursting