Dr. Adriana Dawes

Math Biology Journal Club, Winter 2011

Mondays, 1:00-2:30, CAB 545

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
Jan 10AdrianaMeeting scheduleAdriana
Jan 17AnastasiaPractice talkAlison
Jan 24ThomasScientific writingJiafen
Jan 31Joint meetingDiscussion paper for long range plan committeeAdriana
Feb 7AdrianaResearch planHarun
Feb 14Diana and AnastasiaGeometric perturbation theory, part IJane
Feb 21---Reading week---
Feb 28Diana and AnastasiaGeometric perturbation theory, part II---
Mar 7JonHomogenizationAna
Mar 14Jiafen---Diana
Mar 21No meeting------
Mar 28HarunPractice talkThomas
Apr 4AlisonPractice talkGerda
Apr 11Joint meeting?------

Math Biology Journal Club, Fall 2010(organizer: Juan Chimal)

Mondays, 1:30-3:00, CAB 545

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
Sep 27Joint meeting---Juan
Oct 4EveryonePicture sessionDiana
Oct 18Anastasia---Harun
Oct 25Alan HastingsStochastic population dynamics:The Role of different kinds of stochasticity in time and spaceGerda
Nov 1Kevin PainterModelling of cell movementThomas
Nov 8PetroUncertainty in forest fire propagationKevin
Nov 15JonTraveling waves in a stochastic model for wild land fire spread with non-local dispersal, with an introduction to traveling waves in math biologyJuan
Nov 22HarunSingle Particle Tracking; The Analysis of TrajectoriesJiafen
Nov 30JaneAngiogenesis vs VasculogenesisRita

Math Biology Journal Club, Summer 2010(organizer: Juan Chimal)

Mondays, 1:30-3:00, CAB 545

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
Jun 28JuanHallmarks of cancer ---
Jul 5Rita and JaneMetastasisColor
Jul 12JaimeSome consequences of parasite exchange between farms and migratory wild hostRita
Jul 19MaironRadiation treatmentJiafen
Jul 26Jon and AlisonGeometric models for tumoursHerb
Aug 9JiafenRadiation damageJane
Aug 16DianaMicrotubulesAlison
Aug 23---Forest fires---

Math Biology Journal Club, Winter 2010

Mondays, 12:30-2:00, CAB 373

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
Jan 11EveryoneResearch roundupThomas
Jan 18EveryoneJoint meeting with LRGGerda
Jan 25Rita---Jane
Feb 1Anastasia---Chris
Feb 8ThomasGuest: Christina CobboldRita
Feb 15 --- Reading week!---
Feb 22Joint meetingGuest: Olivier GilgHarshana
Mar 1Joint meetingGuest: Eric CytrynbaumAdriana
Mar 8Diana---Vishaal
Mar 15Billy---Harun
Mar 22Joint meetingGuest: Sandy AndersonRita
Mar 29Jane ---Anastasia
Apr 5---Easter Monday!---
Apr 12Mairon---Jiafen

Math Biology Journal Club, Fall 2009

Thursdays, 3:00-4:30, CAB 545

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
Sept 24AdrianaJournal club, article TBAJane
Oct 1JiafenTCP is not a Poisson processCole
Oct 8ThomasGalton-Watson branching processesJon
Oct 15GerdaPractice talkDiana
Oct 22JaneGompertz and self-similarityRita
Oct 29Jon Numerical solutions for front propagation Vishaal
Nov 5Rita --- Jiafen
Nov 12Colin Lyapunov exponents and chaos Emily
Nov 19Diana --- Billy
Nov 26Billy --- Colin
Dec 3Anastasia --- Gerda

Math Biology Journal Club, Summer 2009

Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00, CAB 545

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
May 6EveryoneResearch round-upAdriana
May 13JonPractice talkThomas
May 20GerdaPractice talkJane
May 27ChrisLinear analysisCole
June 3JiafenCritical domain sizeVishaal
June 10Rita + JaneDispersion relation/Turing patternsHerb
June 17Rita + JaneDispersion relation/Turing patternsDave
June 24DianaRA projectChris
July 8HerbPersistence theory: survival or extinctionDiana
July 15Vishaal + JiafenPractice talkMichael
July 22---Summer hiatus---
July 29---Summer hiatus---
Aug 5---Summer hiatus---
Aug 12HerbTo live or die with radiationJon
Aug 19ColeA short introduction to Flash & Actionscript! Adriana
Aug 26Diana---Jane

Math Biology Journal Club, Winter 2009

Thursdays, 12:30-2:00, CAB 545

DatePresenterTopicTrivia master
Feb 5EveryoneResearch round-up---
Feb 12DianaIntro to stochastic processesVishaal
Feb 19---Reading week---
Feb 26JiafenChapman-Kolmogorov and Fokker-Planck equationsAdriana
Mar 5RitaVarious PDEs and their usesJane
Mar 12VishaalApplications of models derived from random walksChris
Mar 19Ryan Lukeman---Diana
Mar 26JonRandom walk models for chemotaxisJaime
Apr 2Jane---Jiafen