Math 217: Honors Advanced Calculus I (Fall 2013)

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Xinwei Yu / 527 CAB / (780)4925731

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CAB269/ MWF 10am - 10:50am; R 5pm - 5:50pm

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MWF 11am - 12pm; R 3:30pm - 4:50pm.

MF 12pm - 2pm (share with Math 314)

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A joint forum for Math 217 and Math 314 has been set up on Piazza; 

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Draft Lecture Note Week 13 (Nov.25 - Nov. 29)

Your Position in Class (After HW10)

How to calculate: Round(Midterm + Average of 7 best HW grades)

Important dates.

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Course Material


Homework Solutions: 

Plan of Lectures and Notes




Homework (Solution)


Sept. 4

Organization; Review I: Limit of Sequences and Functions: Definitions

Sept. 5

Review II: Understanding Limit of Sequences

Sept. 6

Review III: Continuity and Differentiability


Sept. 9

Review IV: Taylor Expansion

Sept. 11

Review V: Riemann Integrals in R

Sept. 12

Review VI: Properties of Riemann Integrals
Homework 1 (Solution)

Sept. 13

Review VII: Example: Additive functions


Sept. 16

Geometry of R^N I: Definitions and Properties

Sept. 18

Geometry of R^N II: Linear functions and matrices

Sept. 19

Geometry of R^N III: Square matrices and linear transformations
Homework 2 (Solution)

Sept. 20

Geometry of R^N IV: Geometric Objects in R^N


Sept. 23

Topology of R^N I: Limits and Continuity; Open/closed sets.

Sept. 25

Topology of R^N II: More on open and closed sets

Sept. 26

Topology of R^N III: Compactness
Homework 3 (Solution)

Sept. 27

Topology of R^N IV: More compactness


Sept. 30

Differentiability I: Definitions

Oct. 2

Differentiability II: Partial Derivatives

Oct. 3

Differentiability III: Geometric Meanings of the Differential
Homework 4 (Solution)

Oct. 4

Differentiability IV: Properties and Applications


Oct. 7

Implicit and Inverse Functions I: Linear Functions

Oct. 9

Implicit and Inverse Functions II: R^2 case

Oct. 10

Implicit and Inverse Functions III: General case
Homework 5 (Solution)

Oct. 11

Implicit and Inverse Functions IV: Applications
Midterm Practice Problems


Oct. 16

Review for Midterm I

Oct. 17

Review for Midterm II

Oct. 18

Midterm Midterm Solution


Oct. 21

Higher Derivatives I: Higher Order Partial Derivatives

Oct. 23

Higher Derivatives II: Taylor Expansion

Oct. 24

Higher Derivatives III: Unconstrained Optimization
Homework 6 (Solution)

Oct. 25

Higher Derivatives IV: Constrained Optimization


Oct. 28

The plan

Oct. 30

Measure Theory I: Simple Graphs

Oct. 31

Measure Theory II: Zero measure sets
Homework 7 (Solution)

Nov. 1

Measure Theory III: Measurability


Nov. 4

Riemann Integration I: Integration of simple functions

Nov. 6

Riemann Integration II: Riemann integration

Nov. 7

Riemann Integration III: Riemann integrability
Homework 8 (Solution)

Nov. 8

Riemann Integration IV: More on integrability


Nov. 13

Fubini I: The theorem

Nov. 14

Fubini II: Calculation of double integrals
Homework 9 (Solution)

Nov. 15

Fubini III: Calculation of triple integrals


Nov. 18

Change of Variables I: The theorem and sketch of proof

Nov. 20

Change of Variables II: Double integrals

Nov. 21

Change of Variables III: Triple integrals
Homework10 (Solution)

Nov. 22

Change of Variables IV: More applications


Nov. 25

Numbers I: N

Nov. 27

Numbers II: Q and Cuts

Nov. 28

Numbers III: R

Nov. 29

Numbers IV: Properties of R
Final Practice Problems with Solution


Dec. 2

Review for Final I: Calculation

Dec. 4

Review for Final II: Concepts

Other Possibly Useful Stuff