Corrections, Typos, Mistakes:


p 18, "The parameter lambda = f(x*)..." should be "The parameter lambda = f ' (x*)...". (thanks to Andrew B.).

p 27, the denominator for f '(x) should be squared (thanks to Howard L.).

p 50, Ex 2.4.8 "r" in the numerator should be "r^n" (thanks to Howard L.).

p 80, the third paragraph, line 2, it should be 'the three dimensional space spanned by (\xi_3, Re\xi_5,Im\xi_5)', and not  '(\xi_2,
Re\xi_5,Im\xi_5)'. (thanks to Wen Z.).

p 92, question (e) of 3.9.6, There is only an assumption and the question got lost. (thanks to Wen Z.). The question is in (f). Items (e) and (f) need to be merged.

p 148, Formula (5.65):  the last term should have a coefficient of (i-1)N-(i-1)-r))\beta since it was coming from the state
(i-1,r). This is a typo and has no consequences for the following calculations. (thanks to a student of Howard L.)

p 158, the definition of s should be s=z(x_i-1)+z(x_i)+z(x_i+1) (compare the definition for s(x) on page 159) (thanks to Howard L).

Page 179. The approximation p(0) should be 1-\beta (at the top of page 179).
Also, on the same page, in the definition of LL(alpha, beta) the argument should be c_i (Howard L.).

On page 190, near the bottom, the reference should be to figure 7.3. Figure 7.4 is the blood
vessel tissue exchange model. (Howard L.)

p 190: There should be no minus sign in (7.27) (thomas).

p. 204 (Maple course): It is said that "Maple clears its internal
memory after closing the worksheet...". I understand that the memory is
only cleared if Maple is quit completely, but not when just closing the
worksheet (thanks to Frank H.).

- p. 287 (Bibliograph, ref [1] Adler 2005): There is a link to Jim
Cushing's homepage (thanks to Frank H.).