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Invasive Species Modelling (ISM)


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Affiliated Researchers

  • C. Jerde, Notre Dame;
  • J.M. Drake, Notre Dame;
  • C. Bampfylde, Alberta Government;
  • D.M. Lodge, Notre Dame;
  • L.M. Herborg, Great Lakes Instit for Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • H.J. Macisaac, Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • D. K. Gray, Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • D.W. Kelly,  Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • S.M. Ellis, Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • D.D. Heath, Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • J. Ejsmont-Karabin, Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • A. Steinberg Great Lakes Instit For Environ. Res., Windsor;
  • G.M. Ruiz, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Maryland;
  • M.J. Wonham, Independent Researcher, BC;   
  • M. Wittmann, Student, LMU, Munich


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