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Mariana B. Nagy-Reis

Mariana is a wildlife ecologist interested in ecology, behavior, and conservation of mammals. Her work includes population ecology, applied conservation biology, and wildlife management. Her ultimate goal is to develop conservation strategies to preserve species and biodiversity. To accomplish this, she has been studying what regulates animal populations in the hope of informing management decisions.

She is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Alberta. She is currently working on a retrospective analysis of white-tailed deer and mule deer demographic and harvest data in North Dakota in collaboration with Mark Boyce, Mark Lewis, and staff from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Her project focuses on 1- evaluating the relative importance of various factors driving white-tailed deer and mule deer population growth and population demographics; 2- evaluating the use and reliability of population indices in current use for setting harvest rates; and 3- predicting optimal harvest policies for deer management. In this project, Mariana is also developing a resource selection and habitat suitability model for land managers to help them identifying critical habitats needed for long-term sustainability of deer populations in North Dakota.

She is also involved in several other projects in collaboration with academic institutions and policymakers from Brazil. These projects include working on conservation plans, population estimates, habitat use, and occupancy of threatened Neotropical species.