Current Grants/Awards



ˇ§ Since April 1st, 2023: Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Mathematical Biosciences $1.68 million, PI.


ˇ§ 2023-2026: an NSERC Alliance Missions Award $1.4 million for the project "Predicting Methane Emissions from Alberta Oil Sands Territories Using a Holistic Model and Monitoring System", PI.


ˇ§ 2023-2024: an ACA Grant for the project "Modelling Future Cyanobacterial Blooms and Cyanotoxin Concentrations in Fish, with Implications for Management", PI.


ˇ§ 2020-2025: an NSERC Individual Discovery Grant for the project ˇ°Temporal and Spatial Dynamics in Mathematical Ecologyˇ±, PI.


ˇ§ 2020-2025: an NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement Award, PI.


ˇ§ 2021-2024: an NSERC EIDM Grant - OMNI $2.5 million, Co-PI (a leader for Theme 3). Two OMNI Grants: one in Theme 3, Co-PI; one in Theme 4, PI.


ˇ§ 2022-2024: an MfPH Grant for Project 12 ˇ°Pathogen Contamination and Spread Control during Food-Processingˇ± supported by Fields Institute and NSERC EIDM, PI.


ˇ§ 2023-2028: Long COVID Web: Pan-Canadian Post-COVID Condition Research Network $20 million, Co-PI.


ˇ§ 2021-2024: an NSERC CRD Grant $690K for the project ˇ°Mitigating GHG emissions from oil sands tailings through redox processesˇ±, Co-PI.


ˇ§ 2024-2027: a PIMS Research Network: The Maud Menten Institute for the Life Sciences $450K, Co-PI.


ˇ§ 2024-2029: The Common Ground Canada Network: Building Relationship for Just and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Transitions $2 million, Co-PI.


ˇ§ 2024-2026: SSHRC PDG "Transition through partnerships for sustainable diets: Food Procurement, Placement, and Possibilities" 200K, Co-PI.