The applet opens in a separate window. You can move this window aside, resize it, or iconize it when you want it out of the way. To close it, use the Close option from the File menu, not the Quit or Back commands.

The applet illustrates the iterative map

xn = 4k xn-1 ( 1-xn-1 ) .
Use the slider or the text area to enter an initial value of x to begin the iteration. In addition, you may choose the value of k. It is particularly interesting to start with k just below 0.75 and to increase this value in subsequent runs. Press the iterate button repeatedly to iterate the map.

If the applet fails to render properly, as can happen if you scroll the browser window rapidly (especially if using Netscape 3.0 for the Mac), simply choose Reload from the browser menu.

If you receive a message informing you that your browser "does not understand the applet tag," examine the Security Preferences Menu of your browser. There should be a checkbox which you can use to enable Java; absence of such a box probably indicates you are using an older web-browser and you must upgrade it in order to run the applet. Please take a moment to send me an e-mail reporting any difficulties you may have experienced with the applet.