Computer Software written by John C. Bowman and Colleagues

Asymptote: The vector graphics language

  • Portable C++ interface class for the XDR I/O routines
  • FFTW++: Fast Fourier Transform C++ Header Class for the FFTW3 Library (with documentation and examples)
  • High-performance multi-dimensional C++ Array class (as fast as Fortran)
  • Matrix class
  • Inline C++ integer exponentiation routines
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of turbulence using the implicitly dealiased pseudospectral method
  • Triad: an object-oriented C++ package for integrating initial value problems
  • Digital Imaging Software for Photomicroscopy: Driver for Nikon Coolpix Cameras
  • Inline floating-point GCC macros for the 80387/80486
  • Secure NFS via SSH Tunnel
  • OpenSSH patches (including user-dependent IdentifyFile security patch)
  • rlbackup (Remote Linked Backup)

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