Research Interests of John Bowman

  • Development of Spectral Reduction, a reduced statistical description of turbulence.
  • Inertial-range scaling laws for two-dimensional fluid, plasma, and geophysical turbulence.
  • Nonlinear symmetric stability criteria for constrained noncanonical Hamiltonian dynamics (energy-Casimir method).
  • Turbulent transport and the role of anisotropy in plasma and geophysical turbulence.
  • Exactly conservative integration algorithms.
  • Development of a specialized object-oriented anisotropic three-dimensional multi-grid Poisson solver in C++ for nonlocal collisional electrostatic drift-ballooning turbulence.
  • Development and implementation of realizable statistical closures.

  • Movie of vorticity field in two-dimensional fluid turbulence (short version) (long version)
  • Digital Imaging Software for Photomicroscopy
  • Diatom Image Archive Asymptote: The vector graphics language