Quaecumque VeraDepartment of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Yau Shu Wong
Yau Shu Wong
D. Phil., Oxford University

Office: CAB 681
Phone: (780) 492-4376
Fax: (780) 492-6826

Research Interests
The main theme of my research work has been in numerical analysis and scientific computing. Much of the work has focused on development of efficient and accurate numerical algorithms and their implementation for solving real problems in science and engineering, in particular those related to aerodynamics and aeroelasticity. My current interest is in data mining techniques, and expert data mining system is being developed which is applied for nonlinear engineering dynamic predictions and feature extractions.

Selected Publications
[1] Nonlinear dynamic prediction and feature extraction, (with C.A. Popescu and O. Voitcu), Procedding of the 48th Annual Conference of Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Toronto, 97-106, 2001.

[2] Parameter extraction by parallel neural networks, (with B.H.K. Lee and T.K.S. Wong), Intelligent Data Analysis, vol. 5, 57-69, 2001.

[3] Application of the centre manifold theory in nonlinear aeroelasticity, (with L. Liu and B.H.K. Lee), Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 234, 641-659, 2000.

[4] Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of airfoils: bifurcation and chaos, (with B.H.K. Lee and S. Price), Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Elsevier Science Publishers, vol. 35, 205-334, 1999.

[5] A preconditioning technique for steady Euler solutions, (with H. Li), International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, vol. 30, 541-555, 1999.

[6] On the algebraic multigrid method, (with Q. Chang and H. Fu), Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 125, 279-292, 1996.

Curriculum Vitae

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
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