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Martin Legare

Martin Légaré
Associate Professor
M.Sc., Université Laval
Ph.D., Université de Montréal

Office: CAB 517
Phone: (780) 492-0567
Fax: (780) 492-6826

Research Interests

Area of research is mainly in mathematical-physics. Research is focused on exploring properties and aspects of, for instance, (certain) gauge theories, integrable systems, supersymmetric systems, and noncommutative theories. Quantization has been considered for certain systems. For example, methods of (super-) differential geometry, (partial) differential equations or group theory could be used in the above research.

Selected Publications

M. Légaré (2007), “On Certain Quantization Aspects of (Generalized) Toda Systems”, Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics, 4, 15 (#4), 53.

M. Legaré (2005), “On Lax Pairs and Matrix Extended Simple Toda Systems”, International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences,  v.2005, 17, 2735.

M. Legaré (2002), “Reduced Systems of (2,2) pseudo-Euclidean noncommutative self-dual Yang-Mills theories”,  Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and General, 35, 5489.

M. Legaré (2002), “Solutions of Vanishing Curvature Non-Abelian Monopole Equations”, International Journal of Modern Physics A, 17, 2501.

J. LaChapelle and M. Legaré (2000), “On symmetry reductions of topological/cohomological Yang-Mills theories”, Journal of Physics A :Mathematical and General, 33, 3843.
J. LaChapelle and M. Legaré (1998), "Super-matrix KdV and super-generalized NS equations from self-dual Yang-Mills systems with supergauge groups", Letters in Mathematical Physics, 45, 195.

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
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Edmonton, AB T6G 2G1
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Fax: 780.492.6826
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