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The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Alberta is one of the largest in Canada. Most students will be able to find a staff member with interests similar to their own. Below is a list of our professors and their research areas. See also a list of professors sorted by research area.

Pianzola, A. Algebra
Associate Chair (Graduate)  
Hillen, T. Applied Mathematics
Associate Chair (Research)  
Wiens, D. Statistics
Associate Chair (Undergraduate)  
Lewis, J.D. Geometry

Staff Members (Click name for homepage)

Allegretto, W. Partial Differential Equations
Allison, B.N. Non-associative Algebras
Andersen, K.F. Analysis
Baggs, I. General Topology
Bowman, J.C. Turbulence Theory, Numerical Algorithms
Brungs, H.H. Ring Theory
Cadenillas, A. Mathematical Finance, Stochastic Processes, and Control Theory
Carrière, J.K. Actuarial Science and Insurance Mathematics
Carrière, K.C. Optimal repeated measurement designs, Methods for missing data, Multiple imputations, Small area variation
Chambers, G.A. Group Theory
Chernousov, V. Algebra, algebraic groups
Choulli, T. Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis
Cliff, G.H. Algebra
de Vries, G. Mathematical Physiology, Dynamical Systems
Ditzian, Z. Analysis
Gannon, T.J. Mathematics associated with conformal field theor
Gombay, E. Mathematical statistics
Han, B. Applied and computational harmonic analysis, wavelet analysis and applications in image processing and computer graphics
Hillen, T. Mathematical Biology, Partial Differential Equations
Hrimiuc, D. Differential geometry, Riemann-Finsler geometry
Hooper, P.M. Statistical pattern recognition, flexible regression methods, biostatistics, and bioinformatics
Jia, R.Q. Analysis and Approximation Theory
Karunamuni, R.J. Empirical Bayes Theory, Decision theory, Density estimation
Kelker, D.H. Distribution theory, Statistical modelling
Kouritzin, M.A. Stochastic Processes, Differential Equations, and their applications
Kovalyov, M. Partial Differential Equations
Krawcewicz, W. Nonlinear Analysis and bifurcation theory
Künzle, H.P. Relativity Theory, Hamiltonian Mechanics
Lau, A.T. Functional Analysis
Legaré, M. Applied Mathematics
Lele, S.R. Spatial statistics, Foundations of statistical inference, Applications in ecology and public health.
Lewis, J.D. (Transcendental) Algebraic Geometry - Algebraic cycles
Lewis, J.E. n-dimensional geometry, combinatorial geometry
Lewis, M.A. Mathematical Biology and Ecology
Li, M. Ordinary Differential Equations
Lin, Y. Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis
Liu, A.C. Combinatorics and Hypergraphs
Macki, J.W. Ordinary Differential Equations
Melnikov, A. Stochastic Differential Equations and Martingales
Minev, P. Numerical Methods, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Mizera, I. Statistics and Probability
Moodie, T.B. Nonlinear Waves in Continuum Mechanics
Muldowney, J.S. Ordinary Differential Equations
Peschke, G. Algebraic Topology
Pianzola, A. Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
Poliquin, R.A. Optimization
Prasad, N.G.N. Sampling theory, Discrete multivariate analysis, variance component models
Rhemtulla, A.H. Braid groups, ordered and right ordered groups, generlized solvable groups
Runde, V. Functional Analysis, Abstract Harmonic Analysis
Schmuland, B. Probability theory, Stochastic processes, Dirichlet forms
Sehgal, S.K. Algebra
Shirvani, M. Algebra
So, J.W-H. Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Swaters, G.E. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Tomczak-Jaegermann, N. Geometry of Banach Spaces, Functional Analysis
van Roessel, H.J. Hypersonic Fluid Dynamics, Random Oscillations, Coagulation Equations
Vardarajan, S. Mathematical Physics, String Theory, General Relativity
Wang, H. Mathematical Biology and Differential Equations
Weiss, A. Algebra, Group Representations and Number Theory
Wiens, D.P. Robust Methods in Statistics
Woolgar, E. Relativity, Mathematical Physics, Geometry
Wong, Y.S. Applied Mathematics
Young, W.S. Harmonic Analysis


Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
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Edmonton, AB T6G 2G1
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