There will be 13 homework assignments during the semester. Two of the homework grades (#7 and #13) won't be counted. The best of 10 of the remaining 11 homework grades will be used to calculate your average.

The homework will be assigned and graded on MathXl. Each student is required to register on MathXl ( using the access code that comes with your copy of the textbook. Please select the correct course and section when register. You will be asked to make your own login id and password. We advise you to use your real name when you register. This will help the instructor to identify you correctly on the online gradebook.

Once you login to MathXl, you will be able to see the homework assignments and when a homework is available and due. After an answer is entered on MathXl, you will get an instant response as to if your answer is correct. You are allowed two tries before a final answer is recorded and a grade is given. Various forms of online help such as hints, step-by-step help, and similar examples are are provided on MathXl while you are working on homework.

Please report any technical issues related to using MathXl either to your instructor or to the course coordinator.

You are also encouraged to get help on your homework questions from your instructor.

Please complete your homework before the due date.