There will be a written midterm exam and a final exam. The midterm exam is typically written in class at a date determined by your instructor. The final exam date is determined according to the exam planner. Place for the final exam will be announced and posted by the registrar's office towards the end of semester.

Exams are administered by each section of the course. Check your instructor's course outline for more exam information.

Students with valid justification for missing the Midterm Exam will be granted a waiver and the weight for the midterm will be shifted to added weight on the final exam.

Students with valid justification for missing the Final Exam may apply for writing a deferred exam. Please note that decision to allow a deferred exam is made by the Dean's Office of the student's faculty, not by the instructor.

The date for deferred exam is January 10, 2009 (Saturday). Place TBA.

For UofA's exam information and regulations, please visit Registrar's website.