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Colloquium Schedule

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Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Colloquium Schedule

All Colloquia begin at 3:30 pm.

A reception for those attending the Colloquium is held in
CAB 649 at 4:30 pm following each Colloquium.  

Date Location Speaker Topic
09.14.2006 CAB 657 Hermann Koenig Spherical Designs and the Conjectures of Borsuk and Knaster
09.28.2006 CAB 657 Piotr Kokoszka Discriminating between long memory and change-point models
10.19.2006 CAB 235 Nassif Ghoussoub On PDE's arising from Electrostatic Micro-Electromechanical Systems
11.09.2006 CAB 235 Dominik Schoetzau Discontinuous Galerkin methods for incompressible fluid flow
03.01.2007 CAB 229 Mark A.J. Chaplain Mathematical Modelling of Cancer Growth and Progression: Angiogenesis and Invasion
03.12.2007 CAB 235 Grigori Mikhalkin Bipartite graphs, enumerative geometry and tropicalization
03.15.2007 CAB 657 Eberhard Kaniuth Characters and Primitive Ideal Spaces of Nilpotent Discrete Groups
03.22.2007 CAB 269 Robert Moody Symmetry, diffreaction, and long-range aperiodic order
CAB 647

Benoit Perthame

Adaptive Evolution and Concentrations in Parabolic PDEs


If you have any questions regarding colloquia, please contact .

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