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Peter Antonelli

Office: CAB 527
Phone: (780) 492-5731
Fax: (780) 492-6826

Research Interests
The broad field of mathematical biology includes genetics, evolution, embryology, and ecology. Currently, I am interested in chemically mediated interactions in coral reef ecology and in models of heterochrony - time sequencing changes in growth and development - as they affect evolution of colonial animals. The mathematical techniques I employ include differential equations theory (1st and 2nd order), Finsler differential geometry, and stochastic differential equations on manifolds.

I am presently working in the pure theory and applications of differential equations on manifolds. This includes ordinary differential equation systems (1st and 2nd order), differential geometry (Riemannian and Finslerian), stochastic differential equations and diffusions (both Riemannian and Finslerian).

I make applications in ecology, evolution and developmental biology and especially to marine ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef.

Selected Publications
[1] Antonelli, P. L. and Bradbury, R. H. 1996. Volterra-Hamilton Models in the Ecology and Evolution of Colonial Organisms. World Scientific Press.

[2] Antonelli, P. L., Ingarden, R. S., and Matsumoto, M. 1993. The Theory of Sprays and Finsler Spaces with Applications in Physics and Biology. Kluwer Academic Press, Boston.

[3] Antonelli, P. L. and Lackey, B. C. (eds.) 1998. The Theory of Finslerian Laplacians and Applications. Kluwer Academic Press.

[4] Antonelli, P. L. and Zastawniak, T. J.(eds.) 1998. The Fundamentals of Finsler Diffusion. Kluwer Academic Press

[5] Antonelli, P. L. (ed.)1999. Finslerian Geometries: A Meeting of Minds. Kluwer Academic Press.

Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
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Edmonton, AB T6G 2G1
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Fax: 780.492.6826
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