Graduate Colloquium

Fall 2007

Time Room Speaker Title
4:30pm Wednesday
September 12, 2007
CAB 657 Peter Minev Program at Dept of Math and Stat Sci
4:30pm Wednesday
September 26, 2007
CAB 269 Gerda
de Vries
Mathematicians must speak: the dos and don'ts of giving mathematical presentations abstract
4:30pm Wednesday
October 10, 2007
CAB 269 Cody Holder he Kovacic Algorithm : solving linear ODEs in "closed-form" abstract
4:30pm Wednesday
October 24, 2007
CAB 269 Hailegebriel Gessesse The Invariant Subspace Problem abstract
4:30pm Wednesday
November 7, 2007
CAB 269 Evgenia Samuylova TBA abstract
4:30pm Wednesday
November 21, 2007
CAB 269 Luz Rocio Sotomayor TBA abstract
4:30pm Wednesday
December 5, 2007
CAB 269 Matthew Emmett TBA abstract

Winter 2007

Time Room Speaker Title
2pm Friday
February 9, 2007
CAB 657 Jingjing Wu Minimum Hellinger Distance Estimation in Semiparametric Models abstract
2pm Friday
February 16, 2007
CAB 657 Jie Sun Central Extensions of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras abstract
2pm Friday
March 9, 2007
CAB 657 Zhi-an Wang Pattern and Shock Formation for Chemotaxis Models abstract
3pm Friday
March 23, 2007
CAB 357 Andria Dawson Introduction to Modeling Infectious Diseases (Lab)
3pm Wednesday
April 4, 2007
CAB 365 Andy Hammerlindl Asymptote: The Vector Graphics Language abstract
3:30pm Tuesday
April 10, 2007
CAB 657 Joseph Ansong Fountains Impinging on a Density Interface abstract

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