TEXTBOOK: [S] Math 3C Reader by J. Stopple
[FHMW] "Differential Equations and Linear Algebra" by Farlow etc.
We will roughly cover all [S] and [FHMW] Chap 1-3

Lecture location & time: NH 1006, 1-1:50pm
Instructor: Xi Chen
Phone #: 893-3878
Office and Office Hours: South Hall 6502, MWF 2-3pm or by appointment

HOMEWORK: Homework is due each week in your discussion section. It will be
graded and handed back to you the next week in your discussion section.

GRADING: Your grade in this course is based on weekly homework, two
in-class midterms and one final. The grading policy is: you will receive a
C- or below if you fails to get 55% out of the final no matter how well you
did in homework and midterms; on the other hand, you will receive at least
a C if you score 55% or more in the final; if you pass the final, I will
use the formula
       max(15% homework + 20% mid1 + 20% mid2 + 45% final,
	   25% mid1 + 25% mid2 + 50% final)
to calculate your course grade. In English, I will take the sum of 15%
homework, 20% each midterm and 45% final or the sum of 25% each midterm
and 50% final, whichever is better, as your course grade. The letter grades
are determined by curve fitting, roughly, 30% A, 35% B and 35% C. (This ratio
is only for the students passing the final. So if 40% students fail the final,
there are only 18% A, 21% B and 21% C.) To give you an idea about the
failing rate of this course, last time I had a class of size 94 and
in the end 34 failed (C- or below). So the failing rate is about 36%.

EXAMS: No books are allowed in exams. You may use a scientific calculator
and a notecard. You should bring a photo ID to all exams. A scientific
calculator is a calculator which cannot be programmed and does not
have graphing functions. So GRAPHING CALCULATORS are not allowed. The
only purpose you use a calculator should be for numerical operations.

The first midterm will be around the 4th week and the second will be
around the 8th week. The final will be on June the 8th from 7:30pm to
10:30pm. Unless announced otherwise before the exams, the midterms
will be held in the same room where the lecture meets. The room for
the final is usually NOT the room where the lecture meets. It will be
assigned later.