I am teaching two sections: (1) WEBB 1100, TR 8-9:15AM (2) PSYCH 1824, TR 3:30-4:45pm. I will refer (1) as WEBB and (2) as PSYCH.

General Information


Homework for Week 1-4

Sample midterm I: [Postscript] [PDF]

Midterm I:

Homework for Week 5-7

Solution for Homework 4: [PDF]

Solution for Homework 5: [PDF]

Solution for Homework 6: [PDF]

Solution for Homework 7: [PDF]

Sample midterm II: [PDF]

Midterm II:

A sample final Solution

Final time and location: (both classes) 7:30-10:30pm, June 9, Girvetz 1004.

Final: [PDF] Solution Statistics: (WEBB) (PSYCH)

Xi Chen
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