Math 3B - Winter, 2002		GENERAL INFORMATION

TEXTBOOK: Single Variable Calculus, 4th Ed, by J. Stewart
We will roughly cover chapter 5-10.

Lecture location & time: NH 1006 MWF 10-10:50am 
Instructor: Xi Chen
Phone #: 893-3878
Office and Office Hours: South Hall 6502, MWF 11-12 or by appointment

HOMEWORK: Homework is due each week in your discussion section. It will be
graded and handed back to you the next week in the discussion section.

GRADING: Your grade in this course is based on weekly homework, two
in-class midterms and one final. The grading policy is: you will receive a
C- or below if you fails to get 55% out of the final no matter how well you
did in homework and midterms; on the other hand, you will receive at least
a C if you score 55% or more in the final; if you pass the final, I will
use the formula
       max(15% homework + 20% mid1 + 20% mid2 + 45% final,
	   25% mid1 + 25% mid2 + 50% final)
to calculate your course grade. In English, I will take the sum of 15%
homework, 20% each midterm and 45% final or the sum of 25% each midterm
and 50% final, whichever is better, as your course grade. The letter grades
are determined by curve fitting, roughly, 30% A, 35% B and 35% C. (This ratio
is only for the students passing the final. So if 40% students fail the final,
there are only 18% A, 21% B and 21% C.) Note that you have the option
of skipping all the homework according to the above formula. However,
I would strongly advise against that since doing exercises is an
essential part of learning math.

EXAMS: No books are allowed in exams. You may use a scientific calculator
and a notecard. You should bring a photo ID to all exams. 

I will post homework assignments, handouts, solution sets, 
exam locations and etc. to the website on a regular basis.
If you miss some classes, you should check the website to 
see if there is anything new.

RESOURCES: Unless this is the first time you take a math course
at UCSB, you probably already know CLAS. The CLAS building is right
next to South Hall. They provide drop-in help service for most
calculus courses. The schedule for each course is posted on the doors.