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Answers to HW 1 & 2: [Postscript] [PDF]

Answers to HW 3 & 4: [Postscript] [PDF]

Answers to HW 5 & 6: [Postscript] [PDF]

Answers to HW 7 & 8: [Postscript] [PDF]

Answers to HW 9 & 10: [Postscript] [PDF]

Textbook Refund Notice

A sample midterm for Midterm I: [Postscript] [PDF] Solution: [Postscript] [PDF]

Midterm I: [Postscript] [PDF] Solution: [Postscript] [PDF] Statistics

Time and location for Final: Phelps 1260, Mar. 20, 7:30 - 10:30pm

A sample midterm for Midterm II: [Postscript] [PDF] Solution: [Postscript] [PDF]

Midterm II: [Postscript] [PDF] Solution: [Postscript] [PDF] Statistics

Solution to the Practice Final: [Postscript] [PDF]

There will be a review session on Saturday, Mar. 18 from 2pm to 4pm in Phelps 1260. Also there will be CAMP Math Lab on Sunday.

Statitstics of the final