Math 34B - Winter, 2002		GENERAL INFORMATION

TEXTBOOK: D. Cooper, Calculus and Mathematical Reasoning for Social
and Life Sciences. We will roughly cover Chaps 8-15.

Lecture location & time: PSYCH 1824, MWF 8-8:50 AM
Instructor: Xi Chen
Phone #: 893-3878
Office and Office Hours: South Hall 6502, MWF 11-12 or by appointment

HOMEWORK: There is homework each week. It is collected from and returned
to you in your discussion sections. Unless announced otherwise, the
homework assigned each week is due the next week. 

GRADING: Your grade in this course is based on weekly homework, two
in-class midterms and one final. The grading policy is: you will receive a
C- or below if you fails to get 55% out of the final no matter how well you
did in homework and midterms; on the other hand, you will receive at least
a C if you score 55% or more in the final; if you pass the final, I will
use the formula
       max(15% homework + 20% mid1 + 20% mid2 + 45% final,
	   25% mid1 + 25% mid2 + 50% final)
to calculate your course grade. In English, I will take the sum of 15%
homework, 20% each midterm and 45% final or the sum of 25% each midterm
and 50% final, whichever is better, as your course grade. The letter grades
are determined by curve fitting, roughly, 30% A, 35% B and 35% C. (This ratio
is only for the students passing the final. So if 40% students fail the final,
there are only 18% A, 21% B and 21% C.) Note that you have the option
of skipping all the homework according to the above formula. However,
I would strongly advise against that since doing exercises is an
essential part of learning math.

EXAMS: No books are allowed in exams. You may use a calculator
and a notecard. You should bring a photo ID to all exams.

I will post homework assignments, handouts, solution sets, 
exam locations and etc. to the website on a regular basis.
If you miss some classes, you should check the website to 
see if there is anything new.

OTHER RESOURCES: Unless this is the first time you take a math course
at UCSB, you probably already know CLAS. The CLAS building is right
next to South Hall. They provide drop-in help service for most
calculus courses. The schedule for each course is posted on the doors.