First Discussion (Volterra/Kendall et al.)
Dear colleagues,
This email is to invite you to the first Statistical Ecology Discussion
Group meeting, Sept 22, BIOL G217 4-5:30 PM.
My apologies if you receive this email more than once.  We are in the
process of working out the statecology mailing list.  Please pass on the
message to others also.
The theme this semester is "Statistical analysis of ecological
foundations."  The goal will be to meet every two weeks to discuss pairs
of papers (i) a classic paper with foundational ideas in ecology (ii) a
statistically oriented modern paper which tests the ideas against data.
The focus of the meetings is discussion of the two papers (as opposed to
the discussion leaders explaining of the contents of the papers).  This
will need preparation ahead of time (IE, reading the papers) so as to be
able to participate in discussion.
We have chosen the following two papers for the first meeting:
Classic paper:
V. Volterra. Fluctuations in the abundance of a species considered
mathematically, 1926, Nature 118:558-60.
Modern analysis:
B.E. Kendall et al. Why do populations cycle? A synthesis of statistical
and mechanistic modeling approaches, 1999, Ecology 80:1789-1805.
The discussion will be lead by Mark Lewis and Nicole McCutchen.
I encourage you to suggest paper pairings for future meetings.  They
would need to be at a level appropriate for discussion (not super
technical), and, in keeping with the theme, would need to feature a
foundational idea/concept in ecology coupled to a modern statistical
analysis testing the idea.  Please email suggestions to Tomas de Camino
Tomas has also set up a web page/blog site/discussion page at
The papers for the first meeting will also be posted there.
This should be a lot of fun.  Hope to see you there.
Best wishes,
Mark Lewis
Monday, September 18, 2006