Organizational Meeting II
Dear Craig, Justin, Laura, Tomas, Lisa, and faculty and others
interested in stat Ecology.
I'd like to invite you to our organizational meeting, this THURSDAY at 4
PM in G217.
The normal stat ecology meetings are scheduled for 4-5:30 PM, every
other Friday, starting 22nd Sept.
I'd like to propose the theme of "Statistical analysis of ecological
The idea (based on lots of discussions with people) is to try to tie in
modern statistical methods papers to foundational papers in ecology, eg,
of the sort that can be found in
L.A. Real, J.H. Brown, Foundations of Ecology: Classic papers with
and many other places besides...
The foundational papers would address a concept (eg, density
dependence), and the more modern paper would focus on statistical
approaches to evaluating evidence for the concept.  The statistical
nature of the second paper (not simply more theory, but the
confrontation of classical theory with data) seems key to this pairing.
I asked some folks in my lab (also cced) to try to suggest some
pairings.  Some of these are given below, simply as ideas for starters.  
I would encourage all participating in the seminar to come up with
suggested pairings.
Of course a challenge is to choose papers that are deep/interesting, but
not too heavy slogging.  The idea would to discuss the two papers in the
1.5 hours, perhaps with a pair of "discussion leaders".
Hopefully the discussion group will also have appeal to new grad
students that are statistically oriented, as it will also connect to
foundational ideas in ecology.
The purpose of the organizational meeting would to meet each other, go
over the conceptual organization of the discussion group, and to agree
on the first pairing/discussion meeting, which would happen 8 days later.
If you have suggestions of ideas for papers, please bring them.
Please bring emails of people in your lab that are interested in being
included in the email list.  I'm working off Mark Boyce's email list
from last year, but would like to update to include new students.
See you there.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Stats Ecology Group