Thomas Hillen
Research Interests

Glioma      Brain tumors
  • geometry of the brain
  • DTI data
  • Anisotropic invasion of glioma
  • Treatment 
  • Mass effects
Mesenchymal cell
   Mesenchymal motion
  • Transport equations
  • Scaling limits
  • anisotropic diffusion
  • Pattern formation and singularities
  • Chaotic patterns
  • Merging-emerging models
  • Applications
   Tumor Stem Cells
  • Tumor growth paradox
  • Immune interaction and stem cells
  • Combination therapies
  • Radioresistance and chemoresistance

   Radiation treatment optimization
  • Tumor Control Probability (TCP)
  • Normal Tissue Complication Probability (NTCP)
  • Clinical applications
   Forest Fires
  • Models for Spotting; can spotting accelerate a fire front?
  • Geometric fire models
  • Probabilistic fire models