Course No.:  Math 570.


Course Title:   Mathematical Biology

Term: Winter 2006.

Instructor: Dr. T. Hillen,

CAB 575, , 492-3395



This course will cover the following material

1. Introduction (3 lectures)

2. Reaction Kinetics (3 lectures),  [J. Keener, J. Sneyd]

  • Michaelis-Menten Kinetics

  • Singular Perturbation Theory

  • Examples

3. Sojourn Time Analysis (6 lectures), [H. Thieme]

4. Models for Radiation Treatment of Cancer (4 lectures)

 5. Spatially Explicit Population Models using Reaction-Diffusion Equations (4 lectures)

6. Pattern Formation (4 lectures)

7. Transport Equations


Prerequisites: Some basic knowledge on PDEs.


Research Project:

Each student will be given a research project to work on during the entire term.

  1. The first homework is to find a good research project for this term. Please hand in a written 2-page description of your planned project by Jan 19, 2006 in class.

  2. (Midterm 30%) On Feb 16, 2006 your research proposal is due. Please give a short 10-15 minute presentation and a 3-4 page research proposal. This means, please include the sections:Title, Abstract, Background, Purpose of the Research Project, Methods and Proposed Approach, Time Plan. Assume I am a granting agency and try to convince me that I should invest lots of money into your project. 

  3. (Final 50%) on April 26, 10 AM in CAB 567: each student will hand in a written documentation (about 6 pages) of his/her project work and give a 20 minute presentation.



Homework assignments 20 %, there will be irregular homework assignments.  

Midterm: research proposal and  project presentation: 30%,

Final project manuscript and presentation: 50%


Textbook(s): (no textbooks are required)

  •  Britton, Essential Mathematical Biology, Springer, 2003

  • Cantrell and Cosner, Spatial Ecology via Reaction-Diffusion Equations, Wiley,  

  • de Vries, Hillen, Lewis, Mller, Schnfisch A Course In Mathematical Biology, SIAM, 2006.

  • Murray I and II, Mathematical Biology, Springer 2003.

  • Thieme, Mathematics in Population Biology, Princeton Univ. Press, 2003

  • See a reference list of textbooks at the end of de Vries et al.