Math 371

Mathematical Modelling
 in the
Life Sciences

Calendar description:
*3 (fi 6) (second term, 3-0-0). Model development, computation, and analysis for problems in the life sciences. Models include differential equations and stochastic formulations. Model evaluation and prediction. Applications are chosen from epidemiology, ecology, population biology, physiology and medicine.

Prerequisites: Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 201 or Math 334), Linear Algebra (Math 102, Math 120 or Math 125). No previous computing experience is needed.


Textbook: G. de Vries, T. Hillen, M.A. Lewis, J. Mueller, B. Schoenfisch, A Course in Mathematical Biology, SIAM Philladelphia, 2006.

Bear Tracks Class Number: 20714
TR 9:30-10:50, (room TBA)
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Dr. T. Hillen
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Alberta
CAB 575