Seminar on 

Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

Math 652, Wednesdays, 3-4 pm, CAB 657



Winter 2004

Time Location

Speaker and Title 

Jan, 07, 04   3pm  CAB 657
Jan. 16, 04  3:30pm joint with AMI
CAB 657 Mary Pugh (University of Toronto)
A finite locus effect diffusion model for the evolution of a quantitative trait
Jan. 21, 04  3pm  CAB 657 Lynn Erbe (University of Nebrasca)
 Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Equations on Time Scales 
Jan. 28, 04  3pm CAB 657  
Feb. 04, 04  3pm
CAB 657  
Feb. 11, 04   3pm  CAB 657  
Feb. 18, 04   3pm  CAB 657  
Feb. 25, 04   3pm
joint with AMI
CAB 235 C.P. Caulfield (U of California, San Diego)
Rigorous bounds on mixing in stratified shear flows
Mar. 03, 04  3pm CAB 657 Jasmine Hosne (U of A)

Mar. 10, 04  3pm  CAB 657 Joanna Renclawowicz (UofA) 
Singularity formation in chemotaxis
 Nagai's conjecture

Mar. 17, 04  3pm  CAB 657 Jack Macki (U of A)
The Peano existence theorem in infinite dimensional spaces

Mar. 24 , 04  3pm  CAB 657
Michael Doebeli (UBC)
Adaptive speciation: theory and evolutionary experiments
Apr. 02, 04  3pm CAB
Jens Rademacher (U Minnesota)
Homoclinic bifurcations from heteroclinic cycles with periodic orbits and tracefiring of pulse

April 07, 04 3pm CAB 657 Jim Muldowney (U of A)
An intermediate-value property:
 applications to differential equations



Fall 2003  

Time Location

Speaker and Title 

Sep. 10. 03   2pm  CAB 269 Michael Li
 Global Hopf Bifurcation in a Delayed Nicholson Blowflies Equation
Sep. 17. 03   2pm  CAB 269  
Sep. 24. 03  2pm  CAB 269  Richard van Weelden
On explicit solutions to stochastic differential equations on manifolds
Oct. 01. 03  2pm CAB 269
Alex Potapov
Pseudostructures: Ultra-Long Transients in Chemotaxis Models
Oct. 06. 03  3pm joint with Math-Bio Seminar

Yuan Yuan
Memorial University of Newfoundland
 Recent Development of Normal Form Theory and its Applications
Oct. 08. 03   2pm  CAB 269 Horacio Gomez
A model for infections by ixodid ticks 
Oct. 15. 03   2pm  CAB 269
Thomas  Hillen
L^2 moment closure of transport equations I: Cattaneo approximation
Oct. 22. 03   2pm   CAB 269
Thomas Hillen
L^2 moment closure of transport equations II: general case
Oct. 29. 03   2pm   CAB 269
  Bruce Sutherland
`Quantum' Tunneling of Gravity Waves
Nov. 05. 03  2pm  CAB 269
Nov. 12. 03  2pm  CAB 269   Herb Freedman
Predator-Prey Systems Interacting with Parasites
Nov. 19. 03  2pm  CAB 269 Jana Kopflova 
Nov. 26. 03  2pm CAB 269  Pauline van den Driessche (U Victoria)
 Dispersal in Predator-Prey Systems
Dec. 02. 03   3pm ,
special session
CAB 657
Brian Sleeman (U Leeds)
Partial Differential Equations of Chemotaxis Exhibiting Blow-up, Collapse, Aggregation and Spike Behavior

Dr. Thomas Hillen,, 1.780.492.3392

University of Alberta
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2G1, CANADA


Winter 2003:  

Time Location
Speaker and Title 
Jan 08. 03      3pm  CAB 457  
Jan 15. 03      3pm  CAB 457  
Jan 22. 03      3pm  CAB 457 Walter Allegretto (U of A)
Analysis and simulation of an ecological model for shallow
FRIDAY:                   Jan 31. 03      2pm  CAB 657  Howard Levine (Iowa State University)
Singularity Formation in Parabolic Models of Chemotaxis
Feb 05. 03     3pm  CAB 457  Thomas Hillen (U of A)
Singularity Formation in Hyperbolic Models of Chemotaxis
Feb 12. 03     3pm  CAB 457  
Feb 19. 03     3pm   CAB 457   READING WEEK
Feb 26. 03     3pm   CAB 457 Jim Muldowney (U of A)
Lower Bounds for the Hausdorff Dimension of Attractors
Mar 05. 03    3pm  CAB 457 Guangjun Cao (U of A)
Global Existence and Uniqueness Results
on the Anderson-Chaplain Chemotactic Model
Mar 12. 03    3pm  CAB 457 Michael Li (U of A)
Diffusion Induced Instability
Mar 19. 03    3pm  CAB 457 Bruce Sutherland (U of A)
Internal waves: insights from scaling, asymptotics and laboratory experiments
Mar 26. 03    3pm  CAB 457 Jung Min Lee (Uof A)
Do traveling band solutions describe cohesive swarms?
An investigation for migratory locusts
Apr 02. 03     3pm  CAB 457 Gustavo Carrero (U of A)
Unraveling the qualitative behaviour of
FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching) curves
for nuclear proteins undergoing binding-unbinding events
Apr 09. 03     3pm     CAB 457 Wenxiang Liu (U of A)
A Reaction-Diffusion Model for Leukemia Treatment


Fall 2002: 

Time Location
Speaker and Title 
Sept 11. 02      4pm  CAB 457  Alex Mogilner (UC Davis, USA)
The rippling of myxobacteria
Sept 18. 02      4pm  CAB 457  Alexei Potapov (U of A)
Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis of Dynamical Systems
Sept 25. 02     3pm  CAB 457  Thomas Hillen (U of A)
Lecture: Introduction to Chemotaxis Models
Oct 02. 02     3pm  CAB 457  Jim Muldowney (U of A)
Implications of the Stability of Linearizations
Oct 09. 02     3pm  CAB 457  Thomas Hillen (U of A)
Lecture: Introduction to Chemotaxis Models II
Oct 16. 02      3pm  CAB 457  Herb Freedman (U of A)
Oct 23. 02      
Oct 30. 02      
Nov 06. 02      3pm  CAB 457  Joseph So (U of A)
Extinction and wavefront propagation in a reaction-diffusion model of a structured population with distributed maturation delay
Nov 13. 02      2:30pm  CAB 457  John Bowman (U of A)
Structure-Preserving Discretizations of Initial-Value Problems
Nov 20. 02      3pm  CAB 457  Herb Freedman (U of A)
A Bifurcation Theorem Arising from a Model of Cancer Treatment
Nov 27. 02      3pm  CAB 457  Jung Min Lee
Travelling wave solutions for a haptotaxis-dominated model of malignant invasion
Dec 04. 02      3pm  CAB 457  Wenxiang Liu
Turing patterns in ant colonies