Robert Vaughan MOODY

On-line Preprints and Reprints

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  1. Xinghua Deng and Robert V. Moody:
    "Dworkin's argument revisited: Point Processes, Dynamics, Diffraction, and Correlations."    Download
    Preprint, March 2007.

  2. Jeong-Yup Lee and Robert V. Moody:
    "Deforming model sets."    Download
    Preprint, February, 2007 .

  3. Robert V. Moody and Jiri. Patera:
    "Orthogonality with families of C-, S-, E-functions of any compact semisimple Lie group."    Download
    Symmetry, Integrability and Geom.: Methods and Applications , Vol. 2 (2006), Paper 076.

  4. Michael Baake, Daniel Lenz, and Robert V. Moody:
    "Characterization of model sets by dynamical systems."    Download
    Ergod. Th. Dynam. Sys., 26 (2006) to appear.

  5. Robert V. Moody:
    "Long-range order and diffraction."    Download
    Proceedings of a Conference on Groups and Lie Algebras , Ed. Ken-Ichi Shinoda,
    Sophia Kokyuroku in Mathematics 46, 2006  .

  6. Jeong-Yup Lee and Robert V. Moody:
    "A Chararacterization of Model Multi-colour Sets."    Download
    Annales Inst. Hénri Poincaré   7 (2006), 125-143.

  7. Robert V. Moody:
    "Alice Boner and the Geometry of Temple Cave Art in India."    Download
    Proceedings of the 2005 Bridges Conference (Renaissance Banff),
    Ed. Reza Sarhangi and Robert V. Moody
    Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science , 2005.

  8. Robert V. Moody:
    "Mathematical Quasicrystals: A Tale of Two Topologies."    Download
    To appear in the Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematical Physics, Lisbon, 2003.

  9. Michael Baake and Robert V. Moody:
    "Pure Point Diffraction."    Download
    Journal of Non-crystaline Solids, 334&335 (2004) 77-82.

  10. Robert V. Moody and Nicolae Strungaru:
    "Point Sets and Dynamical Systems in the Autocorrelation Topology."    Download
    Can. Math. Bull., 47(2004), 82-99.

  11. M. Baake, Robert V. Moody, C. Richard and B. Sing:
    "Which distributions of matter diffract?; Some answers."    Download
    In: Quasicrystals , Ed. H.-R. Trebin, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2003, 188-207.

  12. Jeong-Yup Lee, Robert V. Moody and Boris Solomyak:
    "Consequences of Pure Point Diffraction Spectra for Multiset Substitution Systems."    Download
    Discrete and Computational Geometry, 29 (No. 4) (2003) 525-560.

  13. Jeong-Yup Lee, Robert V. Moody and Boris Solomyak:
    "Pure Point Dynamical and Diffraction Spectra."    Download
    Annales Inst. Hénri Poincaré, 3 (2003), 1003-1018.

  14. Michael Baake, Uwe Grimm, Robert V. Moody:
    "Die verborgene Ordnung der Quasikristalle."    Download
    Spektrum der Wissenschaften, Feb. 2002, 64-74.
    (English translation: "What is aperiodic order.")

  15. Michael Baake and Robert V. Moody:
    "Weighted Dirac Combs with Pure Point Diffraction."    Download
    Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle's Journal), in press.

  16. Robert V. Moody:
    "Uniform Distribution in Model Sets."    Download
    Can. Math. Bull., 45 (No. 1) (2002) 123-130.

  17. Jeong-Yup Lee and Robert V. Moody:
    "Lattice Substitution Systems and Model Sets.",    Download
    Discrete and Computational Geometry, 25 (2001), 173-201.

  18. Michael Baake and Robert V. Moody:
    "Self-Similar Measures for Quasicrystals."    Download
    In Directions in Mathematical Quasicrystals, ed. M. Baake and R.V. Moody,
    CRM Monograph Series, AMS, Providence, RI, 2000, pp. 1-42.

  19. Michael Baake, Robert V. Moody and Peter A.B. Pleasants:
    "Diffraction from visible lattice points and kth power free integers."   Download
    J. Discrete and Computational Mathematics, 221 (2000) 3-42.

  20. Robert V. Moody:
    "Model sets: A Survey."    Download
    In: From Quasicrystals to More Complex Systems, eds. F. Axel, F. Dénoyer, J.P. Gazeau,
    Centre de physique Les Houches, Springer Verlag, 2000.

  21. Robert V. Moody:
    "Meyer Sets and Their Duals."    Download
    In The Mathematics of Aperiodic Order,
    Proceedings of the NATO-Advanced Study Institute on Long-range Aperiodic Order,
    ed. R.V. Moody, NATO ASI Series C489, Kluwer Acad. Press, 1997, pp. 403-441.