Robert Vaughan MOODY


(Photo: Andrew Kobos)


Born:November 28, 1941, Great Britain


B.A. University of Saskatchewan, Department of Mathematics
(with Great Distinction)

M.A. University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics            1964
Ph.D. University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics            1966


Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada1980
Coxeter-James Lectureship, Canadian Mathematical Society1978
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship1981
Awarded the 1994-96 Eugene Wigner Medal (jointly with V. Kac) for "work on affine Lie algebras that has influenced many areas of theoretical physics", Int. Committee for Group Theoretical Methods in Math. & Physics.

Jeffrey-William Lectureship, Canadian Mathematical Society1995
Ireland Lectureship for 1995, University of New Brunswick1995
Kaplan Award for Science, Univeristy of Alberta1996
Britten Lectureship: Delivered the 1996 (four lectures),
McMaster University

Alberta Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Research1996
Frontiers of Mathematics Lectureship, Texas A&M University1998
CRM/Fields Institute Prize1998
Officer of the Order of Canada1999
Docteur Honoris Causa, Université de Montréal2000
Lansdowne Professorship, University of Victoria2004
Golden Jubilee Professorship, Benares Hindu University, Varanasi2004


Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics,
University of Saskatchewan

Associate Professor, tenured, Department of Mathematics, University of Saskatchewan
Full Professor, Department of Mathematics,
University of Saskatchewan

Full Professor, 1989, Department of Mathematics,
University of Alberta

Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces 1967-1968
Mathematisches Institüt, Universität Bonn July 1973-
June 1974
Guest Professor, Gesamthochschule Wuppertal,
and Université de Paris VI
Jan. 1979-
June 1979
Centre de Recherche de Mathematiques Appliquées, Montréal,1983-1984
Professor, Concordia University, Montreal1984-1986
Guest Professor, Tata Institute for Mathematics, BombayAutumn
Member of the Aspen Institute for Physics1982, 1983,
1984, 1986,
1987, 1990,


N. StrungaruPh.D.began
Sept. 2001
D. PostnikovM.Sc.The pinwheel tilingto be
completed 2004
J.-Y. LeePh.D.Aperiodic Order and substitution systemsin progress
Stephen SullivanM.Sc.Invariants for model sets 2001
J.-Y. LeeM.Sc.Lattice substitution systems1999
P. WiebeM.Sc.The mathematics of diffraction1998
J. BlissPh.D.Axioms for infinite root systems1993
P. CheckM.Sc.A connection between von Neumann algebras and Coxeter graphs1993
L. ChenPh.D.Differential operator Lie algebras on Laurent polynomial rings1993
Y. YoshiiM.Sc.A survey of Kazhdan-Lusztig conjectures1993
Z. ShiPh.D.Graded groups and toroidal groups1991
K. LiuPh.D.The quantum Witt algebra and quantizations of some modules over the Witt algebra1991
M. FabbriPh.D.Generalized Heisenberg algebras and their vertex operator representations1991
Z. ShiM.Sc.Invariants of Weyl groups1989
A. PianzolaPh.D.Elements of finite order in Lie groups1984
A. PianzolaM.Sc.Isomorphically representable Lie algebras1981
H.-P. TsaiM.Sc.Classification of real simple Lie algebras by infinite dimensional Lie algebras1981
K.L. TeoPh.D.Modular Euclidean Lie algebras1973
Y.P. HawM.Sc.The theory of buildings1972
J. SwiftM.Sc.Cayley projective planes1970
K.L. TeoM.Sc.Chevalley groups1970
C.K. LimM.Sc.On root systems associated with generalized Cartan matrices1967


Scientific Director Banff International Research Station
for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery
Organizer: Oberwolfach Workshop on Aperiodic Order2001
Organizer: Algebra 2000, PIMS Summer School, University of Alberta2000
PIMS Scientific Review Panel1997-present
Organizer: Oberwolfach Workshop on Aperiodic Order1998
Organizer: Thematic program on aperiodic order, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, 1995
Organizer: NATO Advanced Study Institute, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences1995
Scientific Advisory Board, Centre de Recherches de Mathematique, University de Montréal1993-1996
Scientific Advisory Panel, Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences1993-1998
Editorial Board, Nova Journal of Algebra and Geometry1992-1998
Publications Committee of the Canadian Mathematical Society 1982-1985
Council, Academy of Science, Royal Society of Canada1990-1993
Member of the Board of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematics1988-1991
Chairman, Review Committee, Department of Mathematics and Statistics1990
Editorial Boards, Canadian Journal of Mathematics and Canadian Mathematics Bulletin1989-1990

(Photo: Andrew Kobos)