PIMS Undergraduate Algebra Summer School 2009

University of Alberta

May 25 -- June 3, 2009


The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences is sponsoring a summer school in algebra for undergraduate students.

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Aim and scope

The school will introduce participants to three exciting aspects of algebra they are unlikely to encounter in a typical undergraduate curriculum in this form. Three main courses will focus on selected topics in

In addition there will be project based sessions.



The school will feature special lectures by

Georgia Benkart
(University of Wisconsin)

Other lectures will be given by Paul Buckingham, Vladimir Chernousov, Gerald Cliff, Charles Doran, Terry Gannon, Nicolas Guay, Jochen Kuttler, Matilde Lalín, James Lewis, David McNeilly, Arturo Pianzola, and Al Weiss (all University of Alberta).



The school is aimed at advanced undergraduate students who have finished 2-3 years of an honours program in mathematics or a comparable program.

The application deadline was February 28, 2009, and we no longer accept applications.

Participants may find important practical information here.



The school will take place at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. More details on classrooms and schedule will be posted on time.

The summer school is sponsored by: PIMS logo

Organizing team and contact
The organizing team consists of the local speakers mentioned above. For questions regarding the summer school
and will be happy to assist you.

Please write to