Topics :


Dr. R.V.Moody -Diffraction

Jeongyup Lee - Pure poit Dynamical and Diffraction Spectra and their consequences for substitution systems

Dr. R.V.Moody -Aperiodic Point Sets [ ps ]

Nicolae Strungaru -Meyer Sets [ ps ]

Dr. Takeo Yokonuma -Uniformities and Dynamical Systems from Point Sets [ ps ]

Derek Postnikoff -Substitutions and Dynamical Systems [ ps ]

Stephen Sullivan -The topology of the Substitutions

Jeongyup Lee - Uniform patch Frequencies and Primitive substitution tilings [ ps ]


Dr. R.V.Moody , Jeongyup Lee - Substitution Delone Sets

Nicolae Strungaru - Peron-Frobenius Theory

Dr. R.V.Moody -Diffraction

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