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Michael Baake's research group
Shelomo I. Ben-Abraham
Lewis Bowen
Ludwig Danzer
Chaim Goodman-Strauss
Uwe Grimm
Dieter Joseph
Johannes Kellendonk
Jeffrey C. Lagarias
Ron Lifshitz
Robert V. Moody
Nicholas S. Ormes
Peter Pleasants
Natalie Priebe Frank
Ian F. Putnam
Charles Radin
Christoph Richard
E. Arthur Robinson
Johannes Roth
Lorenzo Sadun
Marjorie Senechal
Boris Solomyak

Tilings and other stuff:

Los Almos National Laboratory
Penrose Tilings and the Golden Mean
A program wich create periodic Tilings
About Penrose Tilings and Wang Tilings
Polygons, Tilings & Sacred Geometry
Combinatorial Tiling Theory
Tilings from Historical Sources
Some planar Tilings
Aperiodic Tiling with Penrose Rhombs


Some Math Jokes
More Math Jokes
And More...
Math Humour
Some comics

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