MATH 160 - Higher Arithmetic

Relevant course material will be made available on this webpage as the course progresses.

  • Sun Jan 6: Course Outline, MS .doc file.
  • Sun Jan 6: Math Fair website
  • Sun Jan 6: Math Fair article, 2002

  • Tue Jan 15: Assignment #1 (due Wed Jan 23)

  • Mon Jan 21: Assignment #2 (due Wed Jan 30)

  • Tues Jan 29: Assignment #3 (due Wed Feb 6)

  • Mon Feb 4: Math Fair Proposals are due Wed Feb 13

  • Thu Feb 14: Assignment #4 (due Wed Mar 5)
  • Thu Feb 14: Assignment Solutions for Assignments 1-3 will be posted on the 4th floor of CAB Friday morning (in the display case closest to the elevators / main staircase.)

  • Fri Feb 15: Your can expect your midterm to have similar problems to these old midterms from 2003:
  • Midterm 1
  • Midterm 2

  • Tues Mar 18: The Math Fair Write-Up Deadline Has Been Extended!
  • Tues Mar 18: Math Fair Write-Up Guideline

  • Wed Mar 19: Assignment #5 (due Wed Mar 26)
  • Wed Mar 19: Edmonton Journal's Video Coverage of the Math Fair
  • Wed Mar 19: Edmonton Journal's Paper Coverage of the Math Fair (.pdf form)

  • Mon Mar 31: Assignment #6 (due Fri April 4)
  • Mon Mar 31: Assignment #7 (due Fri April 11)

  • Thu Apr 3: 2003 Final Exam in .pdf format

  • Sun Apr 6: Final Exam Review Sheet
  • Sun Apr 6: Assignment solutions for Assignments 4,5,6 are available at the 4th floor C.A.B. display case nearest the elevators.

  • Thu Apr 10: The schedule (including place and time) for final exams can be found here

  • Fri Apr 11: The final exam is in CEB 255 (The building adjoining to the C.A.B.), at 9am, on Monday, April 21st.
  • Fri Apr 11: I will have office hours on Friday, April 18th, from 10am to 2pm. Feel free to contact me if you want to arrange for an alternate time on that same day.

  • On Tues April 15, Maximus Takeshi Nastos was born weighing 7lbs 5oz. Picture 1 Picture 2

  • Final Exam FAQ:

  • Q: Why was the exam so hard?
  • Ans: The class average going into the final was about 86-87%. Instead of giving Cs or Ds with people in the 70s or even low 80s, the exam was designed to create a final grade distribution with more separation to determine where the letter grades should most appropriately be assigned.

  • Q: Am I going to fail?
  • Ans: No, you won't fail. Everyone has passed this term.

  • Q: Why didn't you give us answers for the review sheet?
  • Ans: As you saw, I wasn't kidding when I said some of those problems will be on the exam. I think it is enough of a bonus to know what possible questions will appear on the exam. Giving the questions and the answers to exam questions two weeks before the exam would just make it silly.

  • Q: Why are you being mean to us?
  • Ans: I'm not - I just want to be able to give credit to those people who understand the concepts well enough to answer the challenging questions.

  • Q: But everyone did poorly. What if the marks turn out to be too low?
  • Ans: In the case that the grades are lower than what I was aiming for, then there will be a 'boost' of sorts... If there is a large number of people with grades in the high-50s, then maybe a 58 would earn a C. Or I would make the exam out of a total that is smaller than the original 90 marks... Marking it out of 75 would boost all the marks as so then a C would appropriately be assigned to someone earning a 65%.

  • Q: What was my exam mark?
  • Ans: You can email me and I can let you know as soon as it is available.

    The Results Are In!

    The final exam average was 55.5% and so the mark will remain out of 90.

    Marks ranged from 15/90 to 84/90 on the exam. I was quite pleased and impressed by the overall performance as it was a challenging exam.

    Final grades ranged from 51% to 94% with an average of 73%

    The grade distribution looks as follows: (note that A and A+ are both worth 4.0 towards your GPA, and over a quarter of the class gets this 4.0 this term)

  • A+ 2 people
  • A 10 people
  • A- 5 people
  • B+ 1 person
  • B 4 people
  • B- 8 people
  • C+ 3 people
  • C 3 people
  • C- 4 people
  • D+ 0 people
  • D 5 people
  • F 0 people

    Thank you for the enjoyable term! Have yourselves a good summer.