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Manuscripts in Preparation

Forecasting bioinvasions: linking population and environmental modeling; with M. Lewis, C. Levings, M. Herborg

Ecological and geographic patterns of impact in invaded communities: a meta-analysis; with K. Goodell, B. Von Holle, I. Parker

Biotic resistance determined by predator identity.

Refereed Journal Articles

Color polymorphism and genetic structure in the sea star Pisaster ochraceus. C. Harley, M. Pankey, J. Wares, S. Grosberg, M. Wonham. Biological Bulletin 211:248-262 Download pdf

A null model of temporal trends in biological invasion records. M. Wonham and L. Pachepsky. Ecology Letters 9:663-672 Download pdf

Conflicting predictions arise from underlying assumptions in host-vector disease models: a case study in West Nile virus dynamics. M. Wonham, M. Lewis, J. Renclawowicz, P. van den Driessche. Ecology Letters 9:706-725 Download pdf

A comparison of continuous and discrete time West Nile virus models. M. Lewis, J. Renclawowicz, P. van den Driessche, M. Wonham. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 68:491-509 Download pdf

Crepidula convexa Say, 1822 (Caenogastropoda: Calyptraeidae) in Washington State, USA. R. Collin, M. Wonham, K. Barr. American Malacological Bulletin 21:113-116 Download pdf

Modeling the invasion risk of diapausing organisms transported in ballast sediments. M. Wonham, S. Bailey, H. MacIsaac, M. Lewis. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 62: 2386-2398 Download pdf

Minimizing invasion risk by reducing propagule pressure: a model for ballast-water exchange. M. Wonham, M. Lewis, H. MacIsaac. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 3(9): 473-478 Download pdf

Cool-temperate marine invasions at local and regional scales: The Northeast Pacific Ocean as a model system. M. Wonham and J. Carlton. Biological Invasions 7(3): 369-392 Download pdf

Positive effects of a dominant invader on introduced and native mudflat species. M. Wonham, M. O’Connor, C. Harley Marine Ecology Progress Series 289: 109-116 Download pdf

Mini-review: Distribution of the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (Bivalvia: Mytilidae) and hybrids in the Northeast Pacific. M Wonham. Journal of Shellfish Research 23: 535-543 Download pdf

An epidemiological model for West Nile virus: Invasion analysis and control applications. M. Wonham, T. de Camino Beck, M. Lewis. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 271:501-507. Download pdf

Recovery of the brown alga Fucus gardneri to a gradient of removal intensities. M. Speidel, C. Harley, M. Wonham. Aquatic Botany 71(4): 247-335 Download pdf

Going to the source: role of the invasion pathway in determining potential invaders. M. Wonham, W. Walton, G. Ruiz, A. Frese, B. Galil. Marine Ecology Progress Series 215:1-12 Download pdf

Invasion of coastal marine communities in North America: patterns and processes. G. Ruiz, P. Foffonoff, J. Carlton, M. Wonham, A. Hines, A. Cohen. Annual Reviews in Ecology and Systematics 31: 481-531 Download pdf Download appendix

Factors limiting the spread of the introduced Mediterranean mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis on Washington’s outer coast. M. Wonham. Pp. 127-129 in Marine Bioinvasions. Proceedings of the First National Conference, ed. J. Pederson. Massachussets Institute of Technology, Sea Grant College Program: Cambridge, MA

Fish and ships: Relating dispersal frequency to success in biological invasions. M. Wonham, J. Carlton, G. Ruiz, D. Smith. Marine Biology 136:1111-1121 Download pdf

Impact: assessing the ecological effects of invaders. I. Parker, D. Simberloff, W. Lonsdale, K. Goodell, M. Wonham, P. Kareiva, M. Williamson, B. Von Holle, P. Moyle, J. Byers, L. Goldwasser. Biological Invasions 1: 3-19 Download pdf

Invasion pressure to a ballast-flooded estuary and an assessment of inoculant survival. D. Smith, M. Wonham, L. McCann, G. Ruiz, J. Carlton. Biological Invasions 1: 67-87 Download pdf

Trouble on oiled waters: lessons from the Exxon Valdez oil spill. R. Paine, J. Ruesink, A. Sun, E. Soulanille, M. Wonham, C. Harley, D. Brumbaugh, D. Secord. Annual Reviews in Ecology and Systematics 27:197-235 Download pdf

Book Chapters

Mathematical models in marine invasions: current and future directions. M. Wonham and M. Lewis. In G. Rilov & J. Crooks (eds.) Marine Bioinvasions: Ecology, Conservation, and Management Perspectives. Springer-Verlag, in revision

Mytilus galloprovincialis. In P. Boersma, S. Reichard, A. Van Buren (eds.) Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest. University of Washington Press

Biological Invasions. M. Wonham. In M. Groom, G. Meffe, R. Carroll (eds.) Conservation Biology 3rd edition

Ecological gambling: expendable extinctions vs. acceptable invasions. M. Wonham. In P. Kareiva & S. Levin (eds.) The Importance of Species, Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ, pp. 179-205 Download pdf

Science Education

A comparative analysis of models for West Nile virus. M. Wonham and M. Lewis. In F. Brauer et al. (eds.) Transmission Dynamics and Spatial Spread of Infectious Diseases: Modeling, Prediction and Control. (Publication for undergraduate and graduate students, from the PIMS-MITACS-MSRI Special Program on Infectious Diseases at the Banff International Research Station). 

The mathematics of mosquitoes and West Nile virus. M. Wonham. Pi in the Sky (High school mathematics magazine of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences). Download pdf

Technical Reports

Washington State Exotics Expedition 2000: A rapid survey of exotic species in the shallow waters of Elliott Bay, Totten and Eld Inlets, and Willapa Bay. A. Cohen, H. Berry, C. Mills, D. Milne, K. Britton-Simmons, M. Wonham, D. Secord, J. Barkas, B. Bingham, B. Bookheim, J. Byers, J. Chapman, J. Cordell, B. Dumbauld, A. Fukuyama, L. Harris, A. Kohn, K. Li, T. Mumford Jr., V. Radashevsky, A. Sewell, K. Welch. Nearshore Habitat Program, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Olympia, WA, USA, 2001. Download pdf

Puget Sound Expedition. A rapid assessment survey of non-indigenous species in the shallow water of Puget Sound. A. Cohen, C. Mills, H. Berry, M. Wonham, B. Bingham, B. Bookheim, J. Carlton, J. Chapman, J. Cordell, L. Harris, T. Klinger, A. Kohn, C. Lambert, G. Lambert, K. Li, D. Secord, J. Toft. Nearshore Habitat Program, Washington State DNR, 1998.

Biological invasions by nonindigenous species in United States waters: quantifying the role of ballast water and sediments. Parts I and II. D. Smith, M. Wonham, L. McCann, D. Reid, G. Ruiz, J. Carlton. United States Coast Guard (USCG) Report no. CG-D-02-97, 1997.

Ballast sampling methodology. An outline manual of sampling procedures and protocols for fresh, brackish, and salt water ballast. J. Carlton, D. Smith, D. Reid, M. Wonham, L. McCann, G. Ruiz, A. Hines. United States Coast Guard (USCG) Report no. CG-X-XX-97, 1997.

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