Modeling Spatio-temporal Patterns of
Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations

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  Predicting Mountain Pine Beetle Attacks
Created by Tomas de-Camino-Beck


  Project Outline
2006-7 Annual Report
2005-6 Annual Report
2004-5 Annual Report

Literature Review

  Mountain Pine Beetle Population Dynamics:
Insights from empirical evidence and modeling
W.A. Nelson, A. Potapov, A. Hundsdorfer, M. Lewis, A. Carroll, & F. He


  Spatial scaling of mountain pine beetle infestations
G.P.J. Gamarra and F. He

Balancing ecological complexity in predictive models: a reassessment of risk models in the mountain pine beetle system
W.A. Nelson, A. Potapov, M.A. Lewis, A.E. Hundsdorfer, & F. He

Connecting host physiology to host resistance in the conifer-bark beetle system
W.A. Nelson & M.A. Lewis

A structured threshold model for bark beetle outbreak
M.A. Lewis, W.A. Nelson & C. Xu

Effect of secondary bark beetles on mountain pine bark beetle outbreak: an extended structure threshold model
J.M. Lee & M.A. Lewis

Mountain pine peetle infestation risk: Population phase, host vigour and spatial aggregation
A.E. Hundsdorfer, A. Carroll, F. He, & S.R. Lele

Predicting mountain pine beetle outbreaks
T. de-Camino-Beck; S. Lele, D. Metes, & M.A. Lewis

Auto-multicategorical regression model for the distribution of vegetation
H. Zhu, F. He, & J. Zhou

Spatial associations of trees attacked by mountain pine beetles
A.E. Hundsdorfer, F. He, & A. Carroll

Spatio-temporal autocorrelation in epidemic mountain pine beetle outbreaks in British Columbia, Canada
J.E. Mills & F. He


  Raw data (Excel files: Site A, B, E, F, G; codes, legend)
MPB-related literature


  Forest damage from bark beetles: Seeing the trees through the forest in mountain pine beetles.
Presented by Bill Nelson and Mark Lewis to the Ecological Society of America, Memphis, Tennessee, August 6-11, 2006

Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative Session
Bill Nelson and Mark Lewis, Invited presentation, University of Alberta, June 23, 2006

Understanding risk in mountain pine beetles
Bill Nelson, Mark Lewis, Fangliang He, Invited presentation, Silvicom, Alberta, 2006

The risk of being relative

Chris Jerde, Mark Lewis, Bill Nelson, Ecological Society of America Meeting, San Jose CA, August 5-10, 2007

Outbreak risk in aggregate systems:
Seeing the trees through the forest in mountain pine beetles

Presented by Bill Nelson to the Mountain Pine Beetle meeting , March 13, 2006


Spatial distribution of mountain pine beetle attacks in lodgepole pine stands.
Poster presentation by Anina Hundsdoerfer at the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Conference, Prince George, July, 2005.


Species distribution: edge length, the number of patches, and occupancy.
Fangliang He, Invited symposium presentation at the 90th Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. August, 2005.


NRCan's Mountain Pine Beetle Initiative
David Harrison, Edmonton MPB Workshop 2005
  MPB lifecycle, drawn by Bill Nelson


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