(Photo-story by Ozden Yurtseven)

Dear Diary,

Wow, the 2005 Summer School was the greatest (actually, funniest) 

experience I have had this summer :)

 I made a lot of friends there. Look how happy we were.

In  fact, it was only two weeks but I had so much fun 

 having pizzas on a sunny day...

or playing games ...

I learned so many new things in mathematics and we did many applications in lab.

We often discussed with our friends and 

students and  instructors spend lots of time in the computer lab.

But I should admit that sometimes life became very hard 

and deep thinking was needed.

The most exciting part was that we presented our projects. 

I felt proud of myself.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the instructors for their efforts 

in organizing this wonderful summer school :-)