Publications 2009-10

Babak, P. and Bourlioux, A. and Hillen, T. (2009). The Effect of Wind on the Propagation of a Forest Fire. SIAM J Appl Math, 70(4), 1364-1388.

Barber, J., Bose, C., Bourlioux, A., Braun, J., Brunelle, E., Garcia, T., Hillen, T. Ong, B. (Jan 2009). Burning Issues with PROMETHEUS, the Canada's Wildfire Growth Simulator.  CAMQ, Can. Appl. Math Quart.


Affiliated Researchers

  • C. Tymstra, Alberta Branch of Sustainable Resources & Development;
  • C. Bose, University of Victoria;
  • J. Braun, University of Western Ontario;
  • D. Martell, University of Toronto; 
  • A. Borlioux, University of Montreal;
  • Rob Bryce