Visitors, 2001-2008

The Centre held the PIMS Mathematical Biology Seminar Series each Monday of the Fall and Winter terms.  Names of speakers are listed below and include visitors from Alberta, across Canada, the US and New Zealand.

Short-term Visitors

  • Brian Aukema, Canadian Forest Service
  • Robert Beardmore, Imperial College London
  • Ivana Gudelj, Imperial College London
  • Majid Jaberi-Douraki, PhD Candidate, U New Brunswick
  • Norman Yan, York U

Long-term Visitors

  • Tomas de-Camino-Beck, Penn State U
  • Chris Jerde, U Notre Dame
  • Frank Hilker, U Bath
  • Jon Jacobsen, Visiting Professor, Harvey Mudd College
  • Jose-Leonel Torres, Instituto de Ecologia, AC
  • Meike Wittmann, Visiting Student, LMU Munich (CAISN 1st place Poster Prize, CAISN annual meeting, Halifax, May, 2009).
  • Anita Kettemann, U of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Pierre Magal, Universite de Le Havre

Visiting Speakers from Universities other than the U of Alberta:

  • Julien Arino, University of Manitoba
    Special Talk: The spread of infectious diseases in the global air transportation network
  • Michael Baake, University of Bielefeld, Germany
    Recombination dynamics in population genetics
  • Caroline Bampfylde, Alberta Environment
    Part A: Stage-structured intraguild predation dynamics for rusty crayfish and smallmouth bass: What is the most efficient control method?
    Part B: Ecosystem modelling for Northeast Alberta
  • Bill Fagan, University of Maryland
    Riverine Landscapes: Exploring Connectivity, Extinction Risk, and Biogeography in an Alternative Geometry
  • Pak-Wing Fok, California Institute of Technology
    Special Talk: Search of DNA repair enzymes by a Charge Transport mechanism
  • Peter Hinow, University of Minnesota
    Special Talk: Analysis of a model for transfer phenomena in biological populations
  • Jon Jacobsen, Harvey Mudd College
    Traveling Waves in a Viscoelastic Generalization of Burgers' Equation
  • Anita Kettemann, University of Stuttgart
    A mathematical model for mesenchymal and chemosensitive cell dynamics in tissue networks
  • Pierre Magal, L'universit du Havre
    P-gp transfer and acquired multi-drug resistance in tumors cells
  • Sandi Merchant, University of British Columbia
    Wavetrain selection following predator invasions in oscillatory reaction-diffusion systems
  • Tamara Romanuk, Dalhousie University
    Invasions in complex ecological networks
  • Carly Strasser, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    Estimating demographic parameters of the endangered North Atlantic right whale using capture-recapture data
  • Nikolay Strigul, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Scaling up from trees to forests: Tractable macroscopic equations for forest dynamics
  • José-Leonel Torres, Instituto de Ecología, AC, Mexico
    Structurally stable ecosystems and their transitions
  • Hao Wang, Georgia Tech
    Special Talk: Modeling and dynamics of trophic interactions with explicit consideration of light and nutrients in aquatic ecosystems

Seminar Speakers from the University of Alberta:

  • Adriana Dawes
    Dynamics of alpha-catenin at adherens junctions of polarized epithelial cells:  It's all about the flux
  • Morris Flynn
    Underwater breathing. The mechanics of plastron respiration by aquatic arthropods
  • Thomas Hillen
    Mathematical Modelling of the Propagation of Forest Fires
  • Yu Jin
    Evolution Dynamics of Biological Systems with Spatial and Temporal Heterogeneities
  • Mark Lewis
    Population spread and linear predictability
  • Peter Molnar
    Modelling Future Impacts of Climate Change and Harvest on the Reproductive Success of Female Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus)
  • Mario Pineda-Krch
    Ecological dynamics and the basis for sympatric phenotypic diversification
  • Vahid Rezania
    Polymerization of Microtubules: A Quantum Field Theory Approach
  • Xin-Sheng Hu
    Seed and pollen dispersal in expanding a species' range
  • Martin Srayko,
    Microscopy and modeling of asymmetric cell division in the C. elegans one-cell embryo
  • Jack Tuszynski
    The biophysical properties of microtubules and their nano-technological potential
  • Diana White
    Modeling Body Composition with Special Attention to Visceral Adiposity
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