Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity - Posted March 14, 2011

We are seeking a postdoc candidate with strong interest in interdisciplinary research. The successful candidate will collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to study river ecosystems and eco-toxicology in the interface of biology, mathematics and programming. Preference will be given to a highly creative candidate with a strong background in mathematical modeling and data analysis. See details here


Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Opportunities

Mathematical biology has become an exciting and challenging field of study at the University of Alberta.
Excellent graduate and postdoctoral opportunities exist for students and graduates with an interest in the mathematics or statistics of biological systems.

The University of Alberta offers interdisciplinary opportunities to combine a graduate program consisting of both biology and mathematics and statistics. Students or graduates interested in pursuing Graduate Studies or Postdoctoral Research in mathematical biology should contact faculty members directly by e-mail or phone. Or contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research directly for information about graduate programs at the University of Alberta.

International Graduate Training Centre (IGTC)

The Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) is offering new graduate training opportunities with the PIMS IGTC in Mathematical Biology.

The IGTC is a multinode centre in Western Canada, providing a programme focused on specialized training for students in mathematical biology through courses, research summits, workshops, seminars, graduate student exchanges, and international visitors. Student applications must be supported by a faculty member.