Password protecting web pages/directories

Here are the steps to password protect a www directory:

First, create a subdirectory under your public_html directory. In this example we'll call it DIR, the username being USER. So this would be accessible on the WWW as:

Next, copy the following text into a file called .htaccess and save it to the DIR directory. Make sure you replace the bolded text with your own username!

AuthUserFile /home/username/.htpasswd
AuthName authentication
AuthType Basic
<Limit GET>
order deny,allow
require valid-user

If you have not previously password protected a www directory, you can set up a username and password by running the following command on one of the sirius servers:

htpasswd -c -m ~/.htpasswd guest

If you already have a .htpasswd file and you want to add to it, type:

htpasswd -m ~/.htpasswd guest

Make sure the ~/.htpasswd file has read permission for all users. You can use the following command to set it to the correct permissions:

chmod 755 ~/.htpasswd

You can create multiple usernames and/or password protect multiple directories.

Now if someone tries to view a web page located in your password protected www directory, they will be prompted for a username and password before being allowed to proceed.

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